How To Help Your Horse With Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

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The use of traditional chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM) to help horses is controversial. There are sceptics who say that it doesn't work, and the benefits of using TCVM are unproven. Or that it’s not been used for thousands of years. Despite claims by many that it has.

So is it something you should consider for your horse?

First of all what is the history of TCVM?

If you’re familiar with chinese history. You’ll know that different era’s are named as “dynasty’s”. According to experts, information from the Han dynasty show TCVM being used. This dynasty is the second imperial dynasty of China from 202 BC to 220AD. It’s important to remember too that although TCVM maybe recent to the western world, this doesn’t negate its history and long use in China.

What are the principles of TCVM?

It's holistic. Meaning rather than just looking at the injured part of the body, the whole animal is considered. "Yin" and "Yang" and Five Element Theory are two of the fundamentals.

Read more at this DVM360 article.

What is the research for TCVM?

Research continues, which is starting to show how acupuncture and herbal medicine works to help horse, dog and animal health generally.

This includes:

Why Use TCVM To Help Equine Health?

Horses with a range of ailments can receive TCVM. This includes:

  • Gastrointestinal
  • Lameness
  • Pain
  • Laminitis

How To Get TCVM For Your Horse?

Veterinary Surgeon's can train in chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. The College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies offers world-leading education in natural medicine, and trains many veterinary surgeon's.

There are also veterinary acupuncture courses accredited by the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists and International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. Find out more about veterinary acupuncture here at my advice page.

Or if you're a veterinary surgeon who wants to train in veterinary acupuncture, check out my training advice page here.

If you need help finding a veterinary surgeon trained in acupuncture or herbal medicine, please email me at info at taranet

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