How Natural Therapies Can Help Watery Eyes For Your Dog

How To Care For Your Dog's Eyes With These Tips

Does your dog get watery eyes? And do you know what causes it and how to help? Is it even something to worry about?

Like humans, watery eyes for our dogs does usually mean something is wrong. One of the signs of good health for our dogs, is having "bright eyes". So anything that's affecting that should seen by a veterinary surgeon.

A veterinary surgeon will be able to check what the problem is and decide on the best treatment.

But what could be causing weepy eyes for your dog?

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Could Have Watery Eyes

1. Allergies. There's many allergies that can lead to not only skin irritations, but also eye issues. Read more about relieving your dog's allergies and benefits of natural therapies here.

2. Weather. If it's very windy, your dog can get watery or weepy eyes as a result. Likewise, some dogs can find strong sunlight makes their eyes watery.

3. Foreign object. A grass seed is a common cause of watery eyes. They are small, but can create lots of issues. Likewise anything else that shouldn't be near your dogs eyes, but is can create irritation. If you suspect something is in your dog's eye, or has scratched it, then do get veterinary advice asap.

4. Breed related. Some breeds of dogs are more predisposed to eye problems than others. This can be due to the shape of their head. They will need extra care and attention to help ensure they stay happy and healthy.

5. Infections. Your dog can get an eye infection. Sometimes these can occur because there is an irritation in the eye, and then your dog rubs his or her eye. When they rub, they can create soreness and an infection can develop. There's many other possible reasons for an eye infection. So do speak to your veterinary surgeon asap.

6. Other ailments. Watery eyes can be a result of different ailments, such as corneal ulcers or other conditions. So to be sure do get professional veterinary advice.

3 Complementary Therapies To Help Your Dog's Watery Eyes

1. Veterinary Homeopathy - There's literally dozens of homeopathic remedies that are available. The best one will depend on your individual dog and what's causing the problem. And your dog's symptoms. There's many qualified veterinary surgeons who've completed additional training in this complementary therapy. If you need help finding a veterinary homeopath for your dog, please email me.

2. Herbal Supplements and Lotions - There's dozens of herbs that are used for many different reasons. And there are some like Bilberries and Eyebright (Euphrasia) that are excellent for eye health. Seabuckthorn and Turmeric have both been found to have use with some eye conditions.
Your veterinary surgeon will be able to advise on the best for your dog. Choose products from a reputable supplier, a couple of my recommended companies are Dorwest Herbs or Hilton Herbs. You can buy herbs like Eyebright "neat" too, as well as already in a tincture/solution.

3. Nutrition - Some foods are particularly good as antioxidants. And generally help with health. If your dog has an ailment or injury, then helping your dog restore his or her natural equilibrium is possible with some dietary boosts. For instance Blueberries. But others containing omega-3 are good. Find out more about the benefits of fish oils here.

I hope this has given you some ideas on what to look for with your dog's eye care. And also what natural therapies maybe useful.

What Research Is There For Natural Canine Eye Healthcare?

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