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Love Benefits of Cat and Canine Muscle Release Therapy

Love benefits of cat and canine muscle release therapy

What is CCMRT?™

Cat and canine muscle release therapy is known as CCMRT for short. This therapy originated from Bowen Therapy. And was developed in Australia by Ali Goward in 2002, following requests from people who wanted to help small animals with muscle release therapy.

CCMRT™ is based upon Equine Muscle Release Therapy (EMRT), which also originated from Bowen. And aims to promote the body's healing process. This is through movements which signal the brain to do so. Specific areas in a sequence have the moves applied over the muscles. This helps to give the signal to the body to take the muscle out of spasm, and helps the body to achieve balance - promoting the wellbeing of the whole animal.

Why use CCMRT for my cat or dog?

  • Help with muscular pain
  • Promote range of movement and mobility
  • Provides relaxation
  • Is gentle, natural and holistic

Please Note - 'CCMRT™works in conjunction with the veterinary profession and under Veterinary permission, CCMRT™ never preports to replace it. Always make sure you have a fully qualified CCMRT™ therapist to treat your cat or dog.'

CCMRT™ Practicioners

Details of CCMRT™ practitioners (worldwide) can be found on the official EMRT website

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