Colour & Light Therapy for Animals

Colour Therapy & Light Therapy


What is Colour Therapy

Also known as Chromotherapy or “Colorology”, this is a holistic technique which is believed to help rebalance the body, (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually). It works by applying colour and light to specific areas on the body.

How does colour therapy help animals?

Different colours have different effects on the animal - which colour is down to the specific animal and its specific needs, including:

  • White: Clarity/purity
  • Blue: Tranquility
  • Green: Relieves tension
  • Red: Energy
  • Yellow: Comfort/warmth, helpful in training
  • Brown: Neutrality

The colours can be applied using various methods, including: gemstones, wands, prisms, coloured fabrics. This can be by a therapist/Vet using colours in a therapy session (e.g. light pens, cards, fabrics, etc) or on an everyday level, you choosing particular colour feed bowls/water buckets or other day to day objects to have a positive effect on your animal's wellbeing.

Can animals see different colours?

Research has shown that animals can see colour – although it’s believed this is in a different way to what humans do. Science says that everything has a vibration/frequency, and that includes colours. So, as colour is light of differing wavelengths, it is this energy that produces the effect on the animal.

Who can practise colour therapy?

There are many complementary therapists working with animals and even Vets who use colour therapy as part of their treatment. Colour therapy is usually used as part of a holistic approach to promoting animal wellbeing, rather than by itself.

As is the case before using any complementary therapy, if your animal is unwell or experiencing any particular problems, then you should always seek professional help from your Veterinary Surgeon.

Light therapy

If colour therapy has interested you, you may also find “Light therapy” of interest (sometimes known as phototherapy). This combines visible and invisible light (e.g. infra-red) to help treat various ailments, by stimulating natural healing.

Low Level Laser therapy* is one form of light energy – using a single wavelength, and is used by many Vets to help with a variety of animal ailments - from tissue repair, reducing inflammation and pain relief.

*Also known as cold laser or soft laser.

Who can use this therapy & what animals can benefit?

Your Veterinary Surgeon will be able to advise if light therapy is a suitable treatment for your animal. Many different animals can potentially benefit - from horses, dogs, cats to many others!

More information on veterinary laser therapy

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"An investigation into the depth of penetration of low level laser therapy through the equine tendon in vivo" (The Irish Veterinary Journal)

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