Your Pet Will Love You For These Easter Health Tips

How To Help Your Pet Have A Happy Easter

Easter means different things to different people. The religious significance, Easter bunnies and consumption of chocolate being three things!

For our pets, whether that's dogs or cats or others, Easter can spell danger. Here's a few top tips to help you keep your pet safe this Easter. Your pet will love you for knowing these and keeping him or her well!

How Healthy Is Chocolate For My Pet

Chocolate eggs or treats are a staple for many at Easter. But chocolate can make pets ill or worse. No matter how appealing our pets may look at us, seeing us enjoying our chocolate. Resist! There's a natural chemical present in all chocolate, which can cause sickness. If untreated it can even lead to death.

So the best way to avoid this is not to give your pet any chocolate. If they manage to get eat some that's left within their reach. Then call your veterinary surgeon for advice asap. There's a myth that only dark chocolate has a negative effect. But this isn't true, and any chocolate is capable of causing illness, it's not worth the risk is it?

Why You Need To Beware Of Wrapping For Your Pet

This may seem obvious. But if there's easter egg packaging about. Or any other wrapping. Then some dogs (or cats) may nibble it! This will not be helpful for their digestion. And could be dangerous - causing blockages. Or serious damage. So again the best way to avoid issues, is to not leave wrapping around, even for a short time, put it in the recycling or bin!

How Healthy Are Flowers For Your Pet

Giving flowers at Easter is popular. But many popular ones are poisonous to pets. Here’s a few to be aware of:

  • Amaryllis – toxic to dogs, cats and horses
  • Carnation – toxic to dogs, cats and horses
  • Daffodil – toxic to dogs, cats and horses
  • Dahlia – toxic to dogs, cats and horses
  • Lilies – toxic to cats (is not toxic to dogs and horses)
  • Tulips – toxic to dogs, cats and horses

BUT do remember that any plant. If eaten in excess, or isn’t part of an animal’s ordinary (safe) diet, may not do the animal any good. So do avoid your animal getting the opportunity to start munching on the flowers – keep them out of reach.

Love These Tips on Cake and Pet Health

Cakes like Simnel or the famous Hot Cross Buns are common at Easter. But the fruit they contain are poisonous to dogs. A range of symptoms can occur. If your pet eats any, speak to your Veterinary Surgeon as soon as possible.

I hope you've found these tips helpful. Please share with anyone who you'd think would find helpful.

Remember… If you're concerned about your pet being ill. Or that he or she may have eaten something they shouldn't. Then speak to your veterinary surgeon without delay. Quick action can be crucial.

Hope you have a Happy Easter. And if you'd like to know more about natural healthcare for pets, take a look at the dozens of advice pages here online at

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