How To Use Bach Flower Remedies To Train Your Dog

Train Your Dog Naturally

There's often many different views on how to train animals. Whether that be our dogs, horses or any animal. I believe in taking as gentle and natural approach as possible. As being gentle doesn't mean it's not effective!

In this article find some tips to help train dogs using holistic approaches. Here I'm focusing on Bach Flower Remedies.

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

This system of remedies was developed by Dr Edward Bach in the early 20th century. It uses a range of plants to help balance emotions and assist with negative mental states. In total there are 38 different remedies, plus a combination emergency remedy often called "Rescue Remedy".

Are they used widely?

Yes, Bach Flower Remedies are used throughout the world for people and for animals.

How can Bach Flower Remedies help my dog with training?

Although there are 38 different remedies, it's no use giving lots of them at once or to use them randomly hoping for the best! To get the best benefits of Bach Flower Remedies you need to understand the underlying emotion/state of mind.

For example, if a dog is over-enthusiastic and 'on-the-go' all the time with a 'purpose' (perhaps a sheepdog who can never stop herding!), then Vervain could be a useful remedy. Whereas the remedy Impatiens can be helpful for dogs who also always 'on-the-go', but who get fed up and irritated with those who are going at a slower pace.

To understand the Bach Flower Remedy system, it can be useful to complete a Level 1 introductory course (they are available widely, including correspondence from The Bach Centre), or have a consultation with a Bach Flower Remedy for animals practitioner.

What do Bach Flower Remedies involve?

The remedies are in liquid form and can be given on a treat to your dog, or even putting a bit on his/her paw so that they can lick it off. Under no circumstances offer them the remedy from the bottle or using the pipette as it could get broken, and they could get the wrong amount.

Like more information?
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Remember.. With any issue it's important to get professionally qualified help.
There's many qualified Bach Flower Remedies practitioners around the world. Always seek their help first, to avoid the remedies being used incorrectly. Or complete a training course yourself. As I mentioned earlier, The Bach Centre have a Level One online course or face-to-face training you complete. For more information please email me or visit

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