How Lemon Balm Can Benefit Your Pet's Health

Love Brilliant Benefits of Natural Lemon Balm For Your Pet

The lemon balm plant (Melissa officinalis) isn’t a citrus fruit like lemon. Instead it’s a member of the mint family and so is a herb. It grows as a bushy, leafy herb with a pleasant lemon smell and small white flowers. It has a distinctive lemon-mint fragrance and flavor,

Is it safe for pets?

According to the American Society for Protection of Animals (ASPCA) it is non toxic to horses, dogs and cats.

Why Use Lemon Balm To Help With Your Pet’s Wellbeing?

Lemon balm has many uses including:
  • As a calming herb that soothes and relaxes.
  • As a digestive aid that neutralizes gas in the stomach and intestines. Ideal if your dog has flatulence
  • Muscle-relaxing
  • Disinfecting, and insect-repelling benefits

Lemon balm contains several properties including tannins, flavonoids, terpenes, and eugenol. Its terpenes are relaxing, the tannins have antiviral effects, and eugenol calms muscle tension and kills bacteria

Where to get lemon balm?

Grow your own lemon balm!

It’s considered by many to be easy to grow, and is happier in poor, sandy soil.

Under the right conditions, it grows like a weed and often is one, taking over entire gardens. Its small white blossoms are so sweet that they attract bees, hence the plant’s scientific name. Melissa is Greek for honey bee.

You can buy lemon balm from pet herbal health care suppliers too.

How to use Lemon Balm for your pet

If you have lemon balm as a fresh herb in your garden, then you can use to keep your dog smelling fresh. Pick a few stems, crush the leaves, and run them over your dog’s coat.

Lemon balm has a citronella-like fragrance. So used for repelling flying insects.

Some dogs are happy to chew on a lemon balm leaf, which can help the breath.

Or use as a tea.

Be aware that ….. Like all mints, lemon balm can counteract the effects of homeopathic remedies. So if a veterinary homeopath prescribes a remedy, check with them whether you can continue to use it.

There are several equine, canine and other pet health supplements that contain lemon balm as one of their ingredients. Try leading suppliers such as Hilton Herbs

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Please remember that if your horse, dog or other animal is unwell. Or on any kind of medication or other supplement. Then always speak to your Veterinary Surgeon first before using any supplement or therapy. Even natural ones. To avoid any possible issues.

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