How To Use Chamomile To Help Your Dog or Horse

Will Your Horse Or Dog Love Chamomile's Healthy Benefits?

Sitting down with a cup of chamomile tea, for soothing and relaxing. Have you done this? This is how many people use chamomile, to help destress. But have you ever tried it to help your horse or dog?

Yes chamomile is a herb that’s not only helpful for human wellbeing. But can be used to help our horses and dogs too!

The benefits of chamomile have been known for thousands of years. As the ancient Egyptians are believed to have used it. It’s important to remember that before the development of synthetic medicines, and the rise of the pharmaceutical industry. People and veterinarians used herbs to help with health. That’s virtually all there was.

Chamomile was and continues to be used to help with:

  • Soothing eyes
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Soothing skin irritations
  • Relieving digestive complaints

So how should you use chamomile with your horse or dog?

1. Supplement

You can buy it as a herb to add to your animal’s feed. Many equine supplement producers, and also horse feed companies have chamomile as a herb to buy.

Taking the herb in feed, will enable the benefits to help your horse or dog, ‘from the inside out’. Even if your animal has a skin complaint taking it internally can help promote health from the inside.

Your dog can enjoy a variety of supplements and treats which contain chamomile. For instance my dog’s favourite ‘bedtime biscuits’ from Lilys Kitchen, contain chamomile. They do what they say - are for bedtime and to promote relaxation for the night.

2. Skin lotions and balms.

You can get these which contain chamomile. Often they may include other herbs too, but these are ideal for soothing skin irritations. Many companies who produce natural horse and dog products do include chamomile within their ranges.

3. Zoopharmacognosy. Or animal aromatherapy.

Chamomile is used as an essential oil, and can help skin health and anxiety as well as digestive health in this form too. If your horse or dog has a health or wellbeing issue and you'd like help to know more about using essential oils. You can find zoopharmacognosy practitioners in many areas. Need help finding one? Please email me at info @

Or why not take a course? Caroline Ingraham is an internationally renowned zoopharmacognosy practitioner and educator, who has many courses. Visit her website at

Research Proving Benefits of Chamomile?

Some scientific research has taken place to prove its benefits, with people. Veterinary research is limited. But it does exist! E.g. Tresch, M., Mevissen, M., Ayrle, H. et al. Medicinal plants as therapeutic options for topical treatment in canine dermatology? A systematic review. BMC Vet Res 15, 174 (2019).

How much chamomile should you use?

As with any product, don’t use too much! Just because chamomile is a natural herb, doesn’t mean you can use lots of it. Use within the guidelines of the product.

It’s also believed to not be suitable for cats.

Lastly, do remember to get chamomile products where you know the source. Organic is great. Sustainability is important as is not buying products which have had pesticides or are grown in polluted areas. Not sure where a product is from and the producer isn’t clear? Then find a product from somewhere else!

As with all therapies and treatments - use only those that your Veterinary Surgeon approves. Whilst herbal medicine is generally very safe, there maybe some reasons why it won't be suitable for your horse, dog or other animal. It may not even work properly if your animal is on other medication, so do get your Veterinary Surgeon's permission first.

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