How Your Pet Can Benefit From The Herb Basil

5 Reasons Your Pet Will Love Basil

Is Basil Just A Nice Flavour?

Do you love using basil in your cooking? That's often what this herb is most known for. For giving some taste to different dishes, often tomato ones.

But basil is well known as a herb to help human health. And there's well over 100 different types of it!

Basil contains several nutrients. Including Vitamins A and C. And also calcium, phosphorus, beta carotene.

These are all helpful for the body - including your pets'!

As well as eating Basil, it's possible to use it as an essential oil. Aromatherapy is also powerful. Whether human, horse or dog, smells make a difference to how we feel. And so can make a big impact on our wellbeing.

Here's 5 top reasons to use Basil with your horse or dog

  1. Diabetes management. Research took place in 2020, that showed the beneficial effect of including basil in dog's diets to improve the glycemic status. Read more here
  2. Anti-bacterial. Basil leaves are used in holistic veterinary medicine for their anti-bacterial properties.
  3. Stimulate energy flow. As an essential oil, holy basil is used in zoopharmacognosy to help improve energy flow
  4. Respiratory health. If your horse or dog need help with this, basil maybe useful to consider.
  5. Digestive health. Basil contains a substance called Eugenol. This is understood by science to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the digestive system.

How Would You Know If Your Animal Should Try Basil?

If your animal is unwell or on any medication, then of course speak to your veterinary surgeon for advice. There are many veterinary surgeons who specialise in complementary medicine, including herbal approaches. So have a consultation with one for help on your individual animal.

You'll find many natural herbal horse and dog care supplements for different issues, such as respiratory health, that may contain basil. These maybe recommended by your veterinary surgeon.

How To Get Basil For Your Horse or Dog?

First of all don't use the basil in your kitchen cupboard! The basil you use in cooking isn't what's needed.

Buy a supplement from a reputable manufacturer such as Hilton Herbs, Global Herbs, etc. You can find basil essential oil for aromatherapy from Caroline Ingraham.

Veterinary Research on Benefits of Basil Herb for Animals

As with all therapies and treatments - use only those that your Veterinary Surgeon approves. Whilst herbal medicine is generally very safe, there maybe some reasons why it won't be suitable for your horse, dog or other animal. It may not even work properly if your animal is on other medication, so do get your Veterinary Surgeon's permission first.

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