Gentle Training Tips For Your Dog

How Tellington Ttouch Can Be Used To Help Train Your Dog

For any of us who are dog lovers, we want our dogs to be happy and healthy and to keep safe. So effective training is important to help us achieve that.

What is Tellington Ttouch?

This training approach was developed by animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones Phd (Hon). It's based on the principles of cooperation and respect for animals and their people.

Tellington Ttouch is known as an approach to help improve behaviour and develop learning skills for your dog. So that you both have an improved connection. There are four components:

  • Gentle body work called Tellington Ttouch
  • Movement exercises
  • Specific harnesses and other equipment
  • Intention with the realisation that you can 'change your mind and change your animal'.

Is Tellington Ttouch Used Widely To Help Animals?

Yes, it's used across the world by animal owners, trainers, breeders, veterinarians, zoo keepers and animal rescue centres.

How Can Ttouch Help Your Dog With Training?

If a dog is anxious for whatever reason s/he will find it difficult to learn. Whether your dog is nervous, over-confident, timid or excitable, then it can help calm, relax and help your dog to be in a better frame of mind to learn.

Here's a couple of video's showing more about how Tellington Ttouch can help dogs.

Leading Tellington Ttouch practitioner Sarah Fisher

Tips on using Tellington Ttouch to help dogs who pull on their lead

If you'd like to learn more about Tellington Ttouch for your dog, why not attend a workshop? There are many across the country. For help locating one or to find a practitioner near you please do get in contact.

Remember.. With any issue it's important to get professionally qualified help. There are many qualified Tellington Ttouch practitioners around the world. Always seek their help first, to avoid the technique being used incorrectly.

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