Benefits of Cranberries For Your Pet

What Are Cranberries?

Cranberries are a fruit that is native to North America. They've been described as a "super food". This is because they have a high vitamin content (notably vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K), plus contain an antioxidant (proanthocyanidins - (PACs)), which is thought to help prevent a range of ailments.

Historically, Native Americans are believed to have used cranberries to help treat bladder and urinary infections.

Can Cats and Dogs Eat Cranberries?

Yes they can! Dogs and cats have eaten them for many years as have horses. But they don't always taste very pleasant - as can be bitter. So choosing a supplement that contains them maybe a better way of letting your animal enjoy their potential benefits (e.g one of my Forever Aloe supplements contains cranberries).

Is There Any Evidence of Cranberries Helping Pet Health?

Yes some research has taken place to explore whether they can be helpful - this has included (click on each below to read):

Cranberries are popular with people for special meals - like with thanksgiving, see this National Geographic article for more information on their fascinating history.

As with any medicine, food, herbal supplement, etc - for some people and animals it will help. And for others it may not. Your veterinary surgeon should always examine your cat, dog or horse and decide on the most appropriate treatment plan. And do ask them if they think cranberries could be worth a try!

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