3 Bach Flower Remedies to Help Your Horse Cope With Changes

3 Bach Flower Remedies to Help Your Horse's Sad Emotions

When your horse has had a massive change in lifestyle, they can go through different emotions. Veterinary research has taken place showing that horses do show emotions1.

So What Kind of Lifestyle Changes Could Your Horse Experience?

Examples include:

1. Change of yard. Even if your horse retains the same owner or rider, moving to another yard can be stressful.
2. Death of a companion. Horses form bonds and status within a herd. Even if there are only 2 horses. The death can be traumatic. Of course, if a horse "loses" a companion through that moving away to another yard, may have similar effect.
3. Sudden change of lifestyle due to illness. If your horse has a sudden injury or illness. It may mean the horse has to be in the stable or on restricted grazing.

Bach Flower Remedies are one of several complementary animal therapies helpful with emotions. Before using any Bach Flower Remedy it's a great idea to either complete an online introductory course. Or have a consultation with a professional Bach Flower Remedies for animals practitioner.

Additionally, really understanding your horse's normal behaviour and recognising the sometimes subtle changes is vital.

Here are 3 different remedies which may be helpful.

1. Agrimony - this is a mood remedy, and ideal for when your horse is trying to maintain a happy facade despite the lifestyle change. But will also perhaps develop negative behaviour. So when no-one is around, e.g. at night your horse will chew fences or the stable. When this is something they'd never have done before.

2. Gorse - this is a great remedy for uncertainty and a feeling of hopelessness. If your horse appears to be very sad and there's different things that could help, but not yet tried, then Gorse maybe useful.

3. Sweet Chestnut - this is a remedy that's useful when the anguish your horse is facing seems to be 'too much'. When no amount of cheering up despite having usual treats or attention works. Then this remedy maybe worth a try.

What About "Rescue Remedy" for Your Horse?

You may've heard of this - which isn't a single remedy. In fact it's a combination of 5 different bach flower remedies. It's really a 'crisis combination formula', and is commonly known by some suppliers as Rescue Remedy.

This is more ideal for immediate shock/crisis situations. Although it may potentially help at the immediate time of the change/shock, one of the remedies above, is likely to be more helpful on a longer term basis.

Read more about Rescue Remedy in this post.

References Veterinary Research
1. Trösch, M., Pellon, S., Cuzol, F. et al. Horses feel emotions when they watch positive and negative horse–human interactions in a video and transpose what they saw to real life. Anim Cogn 23, 643–653 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10071-020-01369-0

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