What Animals Want Their Human Parents To Know

What animals have taught me - Annie Bourke, Cosmic Heart Intuitive

Animals have amazed me with their intelligence, intuition, and their willingness to help their humans. They are spiritual beings, and I have met some who are very evolved souls with lots of wisdom to share.

As an animal communicator and animal medium for over 10 years, I have had numerous conversations with animals either living or in spirit, including domestic animals, animals in zoos and animals in the wild. Every conversation is a learning experience. They have taught me so much ! Since technically we do not “own” animals, I refer to the animals’ humans as ‘animal parents’.

Animals understand everything that we say. Because they have free will, they decide whether they want to obey our requests or not. All of our words have a vibrational frequency. If we say negative things to our animals, or discuss negative issues in their presence, they can be affected by this, and it may cause altered behaviour.

Animals are also very sensitive about their names. If they are called something derogatory, it affects them energetically and on a mental and emotional level. Interestingly when they don’t like their names, they have already selected alternative preferences for me to suggest to their parents. When their parents start using the new names, the animals respond straight away.

I spoke with a female cat called Mitey, and the first thing she told me was that she did not have an infestation. She thought she had been named for mites, and was most offended. A male cat I had a conversation with obviously lived in a house with Star Wars fans as he had been named Phantom Menace, so got called Menace. He did not like his name, and asked to be called Harry. The family said he was immediately responsive when they started using his new name.

Many animal parents refer to their animals as “pets” and are not aware that they can understand English beyond “no” and “walk”. Animals are extremely intelligent and some have a very sophisticated understanding of the English language. I was asked to speak with a male cat and find out why he liked splashing water out of his water bowl, which a lot of cats like to do. He gave me his answer. I asked if he wanted to tell his human Mum anything else and he replied “Does she want an existential expose on the physics of displacing a volume of water ?” I was totally surprised by this unexpected response, impressed with his understanding of the question and the scientific principles. and thought he sounded like a science teacher or professor.

Animal Communication and Telepathy

Animal communication is telepathic – there is nothing said aloud. I connect with the animal’s energy and soul, and ask permission to have a conversation. Animal communication is a free will situation – it’s their choice if they want to talk with me or not. I can’t force them to talk or answer their parents’ questions. Fortunately every domestic animal I have introduced myself to has been eager and willing to have a conversation and answer their parents’ questions. It’s also an opportunity for the animal to pass on their messages to their parents. Often I am the first human to have a conversation with them, and there are things they have been bursting to tell their parents for ages, and they jump at the opportunity to do this.

Telepathic communication involves tuning into the animal’s energetic frequency like finding stations on an old fashioned radio. Once I have connected, I hear their voice in my head. They all have individual voices like humans – different accents, pitches and tones. I can hear when they are smiling and laughing, and some are real practical jokers. I had a horse sing some of her answers to me which I’d never experienced before. I never know what they are going to say, so now I know to expect the unexpected !

If I can’t understand what they are trying to tell me, I ask them if they can show me. They haven’t explained the advanced thought transference technology they use, but somehow I end up with video snippets in my head which explain what they are wanting me to understand.

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Animals are very sensitive to energetic frequencies. Humans vibrate at a certain frequency, and if we become ill, our frequency drops. Our animals will be aware of this often before we are conscious of being unwell. They may spend more time close to us or lying on us showing us extra attentiveness and affection to aid the healing process. We are their world and they want us well as soon as possible so that we can look after them and interact with them.

There’s no coincidence that our animals are with us. There is a purpose for them being in our lives. As humans, we are a soul having a human experience, and we have a life purpose, and soul lessons to master while we are here. Animals are souls who have incarnated in animal form. They too are here with a life purpose and soul lessons. Sometimes they come to us to help us master our lessons, and sometimes they are with us because they require our assistance so that they can master their lessons. We might feel that we have rescued them, but often they are rescuing us.

Our animals also take on special roles with us. Some are guardians and take their responsibility for protecting us very seriously. Some are healers, and will spend time helping us to heal and recover. I have had conversations with a number of animals (including my own) who have selflessly taken on some of their human’s health symptoms so that we don’t have to face the full brunt of the condition. They do this without us asking them to – it’s a way for them to be of service to us. Some have come to be teachers, so when we learn how to communicate with them effectively, they can start teaching us what they want us to know.

It totally changes the dynamics and depth of your relationship with your animal when you understand more about why they are here and why they are with you. Learning to communicate with your animal can only deepen and enrich your existing connection.

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Annie Bourke is a Brisbane-based international animal communicator, animal medium, healer, author and podcast host. She connects with animals through photographs, and has conversations with animals anywhere in the world, and in spirit. Her passion is animals. Her mission is to raise global awareness of the importance of animals, and to make a difference for them.

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