Learn How Magnesium Can Help Your Pet's Health

Do you know the benefits of Magnesium for pets?

Magnesium is needed to support over 350 biochemical processes in the body. This is due to Magnesium's primary role as an enzyme co-factor. Magnesium is essential for nerve and muscle function.

Magnesium can be used as a soaking solution to relieve minor sprains, bruises, muscle aches, discomfort, joint stiffness, and soreness. You may be more familiar with Epsom salt. Dr. Milt's Magnesium Topicals are "USP grade Epsom Salt in a bottle."

Transdermal application of Magnesium can help increase blood flow to the muscles and soft tissue. It enhances muscle strength, endurance, and relaxation. Dr. Milt's Magnesium Topicals relieve the ailments associated with magnesium deficiency.

Animals deficient in Magnesium can be nervous, excitable, and have muscle tremors. Our pets may show signs of Magnesium Deficiency. Magnesium is one of the most neglected minerals in pet food. Consuming processed foods has led to our pets having less than the daily recommended allowance of Magnesium.

Applying topical Magnesium is the best and easiest way to improve pet health. The Magnesium soaks directly into the skin and fur. You can also treat specific areas of your pets’ body.

Case Study Of How Magnesium Helps Pets

Here is a firsthand account of how Dr. Milt's Magnesium Topicals can benefit your pet.

"I am a dog walker in Philadelphia, PA. I have been caring for Matilda for three years. When I first started walking her, I noticed she would stretch and not use her back right leg. I asked her mom if something was wrong. She told me about the surgery she had when she was a pup.

Matilda dislocated her hip multiple times when she was 1-2 years old. Her mom decided to go ahead with a femoral head ostectomy. FHO is a surgical procedure aiming to restore pain-free mobility to a damaged hip by removing the femur's head and neck (the long leg bone or thighbone). In this surgery, the joint's ball is removed, resulting in a false joint supported by soft tissue to relieve painful bone-on-bone contact.

Dog injury progression

After the surgery, her back right leg was shorter than the rest. She refused to use that leg and was hopping around three-legged. Matilda went through many months of physical therapy to get her comfortable using that leg again. (Underwater treadmill, regular treadmill, slowly walking up hills and stairs, obstacle courses, and cavaletti) Cavaletti is an Italian word meaning "little horse." Equine trainers developed this training of stepping over varying placed poles for horse conditioning.

She eventually gained full functionality of that leg, and for the most part, you'd never know it happened. Matilda can run a few miles with her mom, enjoy long hikes, play with other dogs, and has a normal active life.

I didn't think much about her leg issue until I started using Dr. Milt's Magnesium Topicals on myself and my pets.

She's 8 now, and generally, she gets around great. As she has aged, when she plays too hard, the back right leg gives her problems. 2 weeks ago, she started showing signs of discomfort in that leg. I called her mom and asked if anything happened. She told me she was playing over the weekend and was having some problems with that leg. I asked her if I could apply Dr. Milt's Magnesium K9 Spray on Matilda's leg. She said yes. Now every day I walk her, I give her a Dr. Milt's massage.
Matilda Dog With Dr Milts

You may want to know if Dr. Milt's K9 spray works. I know it helps Matilda because she lets me know that she wants a massage by lifting her back leg every day before our walk.

Last week we had a snowstorm. Matilda could not get up the basement steps. She lifted her leg to show me where her pain was. Before we went for a walk, I could tell she wanted a Milt's massage. I sprayed Dr. Milt's on her leg and rubbed it in. Afterward, we went for a long walk, and she played in the snow. Matilda walked longer than we had in months. She rolled around in the snow and seemed to not be in any discomfort."

Matilda Dog In Snow

Dr. Milt's Magnesium Topicals helped Matilda with her joint pain and discomfort. Magnesium can benefit your pet for pain relief and their overall health.

Health Benefits of Magnesium:

  • Overall body health and calmness
  • Improves heart and circulatory health, reduces irregular heartbeats, prevents hardening of the arteries, reduces blood clots, and lowers blood pressure.
  • Enhances the ability for the body to use insulin, reducing the incidence or severity of diabetes.
  • Toxins and heavy metals are flushed from the cells, easing muscle pain and helping the body to eliminate harmful substances.
  • Boosts nerve function by regulating electrolytes. Calcium is the primary conductor for electrical current in the body, and Magnesium is necessary to maintain proper calcium in the blood.
  • Magnesium is a natural stress reliever. Excess adrenaline and stress drain Magnesium from the body.
  • Reduces swelling, relieves pain and muscle cramps.
  • Absorption of nutrients is enhanced, and systemic oxygen use is improved.
  • Benefits the formation of joint proteins, brain tissue, and mucin proteins.
  • Injuries are decreased by providing support to liniments and tendons.

Dr. Milt's Magnesium Topicals Features & Benefits:

  • USP Grade Magnesium Sulfate blended with Arnica, Wintergreen EO, and Witch Hazel.
  • Made from all-natural ingredients that promote health.
  • Soaks into skin and fur. Dries Clear and Leaves no greasy or messy residue.
  • Conditions joints for increased mobility.
  • Safe to use under wraps to improve the blood supply to the area of injury or soreness.
  • Can be used in conjunction with ceramic and magnetic wraps
  • Aids in restoring stressed & overworked muscles.
  • Moisturizing and healthy for the skin.
  • Available in Spray, Gel, Cream, & soaking crystals.

By now you should be interested in learning more about Magnesium and its benefits. You may also want to know if Dr. Milt’s Magnesium K9 Topicals can help your pet.

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How To Buy Magnesium For Your Pet?

  • Other leading natural animal healthcare suppliers also sell products containing magnesium, such as Hilton Herbs and Dorwest Herbs.

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