5 Ways Your Horse Can Enjoy Magnetic Therapy

5 Brilliant Ways To Help Your Horse With Magnetic Therapy

Is magnotherapy a therapy you've tried for your horse? Years ago, there were few product options. But now there's many different types of magnotherapy your horse can enjoy. Read more about magnotherapy in my advice page here.

In this post, find out more about some of the magnetic therapy product options for your horse. Although I've personally tried some of these with my own horse, this is an independent post which is not sponsored or has any affiliation with any brand.

There are dozens of different manufacturers offering many products. So shop around to see what will work best for your horse. Speak to your veterinary physiotherapist or veterinary surgeon for advice too, they maybe able to suggest the most suitable product for you to try.

Read on for a review of some of the options.

  1. EQU StreamZ ® magnetic horse bands

introduce a new technique in magnetism – ‘360º resonance technology’, which claim to be advanced magnetism for your horse.

According to their website, EQU StreamZ magnetism does not pulse, it spins! This unique process prevents an increase in temperature allowing the bands to be worn by the horse immediately after exercise and for long periods of time, including through turnout and 24/7.

My horse Tara started wearing these when she was aged around 30 years. And she used to wear them virtually all the time. I started letting Tara wearing them primarily to help with her arthritis and to help maintain and improve her mobility.

Price - around £70-£80 at https://www.streamz-global.com/

  1. Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps

these claim to have magnets where you want them in these magnetic horse boots. Which are designed to support mobility, aid joint function and maintain healthy tendons. Features listed include:

  • Includes 4 movable VITAflex® magnets to place where your horse needs them.
  • Use overnight as part of your horses’ daily routine for maintaining leg health.
  • Ideal for ridden horses, veterans, on box rest/standing in for long periods of time.
  • Use as an alternative to stable bandages to keep the legs warm and maintain circulation.

I've used these too with my horse Tara. And found them to be easy to use and to wash. They only can be used in the stable though, not the field!

Price - around £80 at https://www.equilibriumproducts.com or many leading equestrian supply shops sell them.

  1. Equilibrium Magnetic Horse Rug

these say they have the magnets where YOU want! Support your horse’s mobility, aid joint function and maintain healthy muscles with this unique Magnetic Horse Rug that you can leave on overnight.

My horse Tara never tried this particular brand of magnetic rug. However, when she had veterinary physiotherapy treatment, the physio lent me a magnetic rug to help Tara's back issues (kissing spines).

Price - around £250 at https://www.equilibriumproducts.com or many leading equestrian supply shops sell them too.

  1. Magni-Teque Magnetic Poll Band (Premier Equine Int. Ltd)

Magnetic Poll Bands are said to help to reduce tension and relax the horse's poll area. Just fit over your bridle or head collar headpiece.

Price - around £23 at https://www.premierequine.co.uk

  1. Activo-Med Combi Pro II Rug (FMBs)

The Combi Pro II rug is a dual therapy rug, combining powerful Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF) with deep massage. It covers the main muscle groups in the horse from poll to tail, and can be used daily to support performance as part of your warm up / cool down routine. It is excellent for horses in rehabilitation, or with specific stiffnesses, injuries or general maintenance.

This therapy rug has various options, such as leg wraps, light therapy products and pads. Prices from £2,000 to £5,000 with options to hire too. Visit the FMBs website at https://fmbs.co.uk

I hope you've found this helpful in learning more about some of the different magnetic therapy options for your horse. But remember to speak to your veterinary surgeon for advice if your horse is unwell in anyway before using.
Magnetic therapy is not a substitute for proper veterinary diagnosis and treatment.

Veterinary Research Into Effects Of Magnotherapy For Horses

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Please remember that if your horse, dog or other animal is unwell, has an open wound or is pregnant. Or is on any kind of medication or other supplement. Then always speak to your Veterinary Surgeon first before using any magnetic therapy product. To avoid any possible issues.

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