How To Help Your Horse With Marine Products

Have you tried Thalassotherapy with your horse?

In case you've not heard of it, it's the therapeutic use of seawater. In the form of marine products like algae, seaweed, and marine mud.

Thalassotherapy aims to promote health and wellbeing. By helping restore the body’s natural chemical balance. The skin's importance is often overlooked. It enables absorption of trace elements. With Thalasootherapy this is magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and iodide. All helpful for health.

This therapy originates from France, where many people enjoy the benefits. France has many thalassotherapy spas, to help provide a medical cure.

In 2009 Equine Osteopath and Masseur Bénédicte Lucazeau developed EQUITHALASSO®. Many veterinary surgeons in France now approve of and recommend it for their equine clients.

So Why Should EQUITHALASSO® Be Helpful For Your Horse?

Your horse whether in the field, hacking out, schooling or competing, will have his or her body exerted. This means that therapies are helpful to restore the balance. This is important to avoid pain and improve performance. Or to maintain existing health and happiness.


  1. Soothe your horse's legs - joints and tendons.
  2. Relieve muscle tension with the known properties of algae
  3. Use before heavy work/competition or after as a recovery aid
  4. Relieve arthritis
  5. If your horse is recovering from an ailment, it can help with the healing process.

Many famous equestrians use or have used the EQUITHALASSO® concept. Including:

William Fox Pitt, Chester Weber, Roger Yves Bost for the physical recovery of some of his clients’ horses …

So How Does EQUITHALASSO® work?

Use Equine Algotherapy or seaweed wraps with EquiThalasso products. Made exclusively from natural raw materials extracted from the sea. Not only high quality, but also lab-certified. And tailored to your horse’s specific needs.

The products have a high concentration of mineral salts. This means they have excellent antiseptic and anti-viral properties. The trace elements contained also are helpful. These include:
  • Copper – conditions the development and resistance of bone. Stimulating the formation of collagen fibres and bone metabolism
  • Manganese – essential for bone development
  • Calcium – a well-developed, strong skeleton is necessary for any physical performance, and for the duration of a sports career
  • Iodine – to fix the iron and vitamins.

How To Get The Best Benefits from EQUITHALASSO®?

Add to a stretching massage session or an osteopathic treatment. A professional trained therapist will wrap your horse with a seaweed poultice. Cover with a starch sheet and a fleece (when it is cold).

Cleaning your horse with warm water after treatment is essential. And they need covering with a fleece to dry them up in winter (takes about 1 hour).

What Next?

You can find Equithalasso practitioners in many places in Europe and North America.

In the UK, Jennifer Postollec at is a qualified Equithalasso therapist.

About The Author
This is a guest post by Jennifer Postollec at Equine Manual Therapist. Jennifer not only offers Equithalasso but also Osteopathy and Massage in the southeast of England. Email

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