What About Using CBD As A Natural Remedy for Horses?

Naturally Healthy CBD For Your Horse

CBD has come to the forefront in recent years as an amazing natural healer for both humans and animals.

More and more people are giving CBD to their horses to help with a host of symptoms such as chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, chronic stress, digestive health, immune system bolstering and the list goes on.

Just like we humans, horses have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies. It is the master communication system that regulates the body's systems and it's ability to gain homeostasis or balance. The surge in interest and popularity of CBD has to do with cannabidiol (CBD) which is a potent compound found in the hemp plant.

How Are CBD Products Different?

There are many qualities of CBD to be found around the marketplace, so you want to first and foremost consider the quality and source of the CBD. CBD oils have been found to be very useful yet there is a newcomer to the market - CBD fluid. The difference is in the type of cannibis plant it is extracted from, the way it is extracted, the dosing and the cost.

As CBD oils are extracted, the buik of the plant is destroyed during the process by the use of heat, chemicals, butane, critical Co2 or alcohol. Many of the oils are extracted from industrial hemp which is also used to make clothing, rope, etc. Look for a product that is NOT from industrial hemp.

As the extraction process moves forward, only a very small amount of CBD is able to be obtained and it is normally an isolate, or a single component of the entire host of medicinal properties available in the plant. Terpines and other flavonoids are then added to that small amount of extracted CBD, as well as carrier oils to be able to fill the bottle. The bulk of the medicinal properties is found in the flower of the plant. The majority of CBD in oils come from the leaves and stems due to the extraction process killing the flower.

What's Your Horse Made Of?

Another thing to ask yourself - is your body or your horse's body mostly made of oil or water? The answer is obvious, it's water. Water and oil do not mix. So using a CBD oil, though beneficial, is not as bioavailable to the body and requires a much higher dose than does using a fluid. Many CBD oils are labeled as water soluble, even though when dropped in a glass of water, they clearly are not. They are however allowed to be labeled that because at least one of the added ingredients in the bottle is water soluble. If you drop the CBD fluid in a glass of water you will be able to watch it disperse throughout the water as opposed to balling up and floating to the top.

With CBD fluid, a patented and proprietary extraction process is used that does not require the use of heat or chemicals, thereby preserving the whole host of CBDs, terpenes and flavonoids available from the flower. It is called the entourage effect and could be compared to a team. With the oils, you get a single star player, but with the fluid, you get the whole team, which provides the endocannabinoid system (ECS) everything it needs to be the most beneficial at addressing the health concerns.

Dosage of CBD For Your Horse?

Now, what about dosing. With humans, a normal dose of CBD oils is 1-2 dropperfuls, which you hold under your tongue for a long as you can before swallowing it With the CBD Fluid, the dose is 2 drops! The reason for the difference is again because in that fluid you have the whole team and not just the star player.

Many veterinarians and horse owners have seen substantial improvements in their horse's health and emotional concerns. Interestingly enough, even though a horse is very large, it's metabolism is very slow so they need lower doses and less frequent doses than other animals. You would start with a low dose and gradually increase the amount and frequency. It is important to consult with your veterinarian as to how much and how often to give it to your horse.

There are many wonderful articles regarding CBD and horses online. My hope is that this information will have been useful to you as you consider using this amazing natural alternative for your horse's care.

Where Can CBD For Your Horse Be Purchased?

There are many CBD products for horses available. To find the best one for your horse, you should speak to your veterinary surgeon for advice before using. Remember products do vary and it's important to ensure it will help your horse. And not cause any issues or just not make any difference and delay other treatment that will help. So speaking to your veterinary surgeon is essential before using.

What Evidence Is There For CBD With Horses?

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This is a guest post by Diana Fletcher of Brizopure. And edited by Suzanne Harris who is founder of this Taranet website at www.taranet.co.uk, and also provides business coaching to horse and dog care and veterinary professionals.