Are Blackberries Something Your Pet Should Love?

How Your Horse Or Dog Can Benefit From Blackberries

Do you love blackberries? A blackberry crumble is delicious! Have you ever thought about their health benefits? And has your dog or horse tried them?

What's In A Blackberry?

They're a source of fibre. And blackberries contain several vitamins. These being C, K and E. Other elements include potassium, manganese and copper.

According to "Veterinary Herbal Medicine: a systems-based approach". There are a large amount of tannins. Which gives blackberry leaves and roots an astringent effect. This may be useful for treating patients with diarrhoea.

Why Can Blackberries Help Your Horse or Dog?

A balanced diet for your horse or dog means including all the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants required for a healthy life. Sometimes though if your animal has a health issue, more of a certain vitamin or mineral is needed to help restore balance and help recuperate.

So blackberries - in moderation. Can be a useful supplement on a regular basis. Or you could feed at a certain time when your animal has an ailment. And needs a vitamin boost. Or they're great as a tasty snack.

As mentioned above, diarrhoea is listed as being helped by blackberries in veterinary herbal medicine.

It's not just the soft fruit you can use. Blackberry leaves or roots can also be used.

Blackberry essence can be also used in zoopharmacognosy. Read more about this complementary therapy for animals here. It's always best to either complete a course (for pet owners is possible) at or have a consultation with a qualified practitioner to ensure the best essence is used for your animal's particular circumstances.

Blackberry bushes usually have lots of thorns! These are dangerous - not great for us, nor our horses or dogs. So take care when picking. Of course if your horse is foraging in a hedgerow in the field, then he or she will naturally be cautious.

And always choose a foraging spot that is free from pollution. So not near a busy road.

If you'd like to help your horse or dog with blackberries or other herbs and plants, then a consultation with a holistic veterinary surgeon maybe useful. Or a zoopharmacognosy practitioner can give a consultation with essential oils. There are many across the UK and the world.

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Please remember that if your horse, dog or other animal is unwell. Or on any kind of medication or other supplement. Then always speak to your Veterinary Surgeon first before using any supplement or therapy. Even natural ones. To avoid any possible issues.

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