How Your Cat Can Love To Be Relaxed

What to do if your cat gets stressed?

It can be easy to get stressed yourself. Particularly if you want to take your cat to the vet. If you've any appointment there is a sense of urgency, as you don't want to be late. But you don't want your cat to get any more upset.

If you know you've a stressful experience is coming up. Prepare. Preparation is key! Think about what vet visits there are. Or what your cat is going to experience in the near future. What can you plan for? What can you do to help prevent problems arising? And to stop your cat getting stressed?

Why could your cat be anxious?

I've had several cats who've taken one look at the cat basket and run off! But is your cat scared of thunder? Or upset or stressed at moving home? There could be many reasons. So how can you help your cat to keep calm. Or to be calm?

What to do to help your cat?

Well luckily there are a range of complementary animal therapies that can help. 3 popular therapies include:

  1. Bach Flower Remedies

There are 38 different remedies plus Rescue Remedy. So which will help your cat?
  • Mimulus is great for known fears. So ideal if it is a case of your cat "knowing" that there is a car ride or visit to the vet.
  • Aspen though is good for unknown fears.
  • Rock Rose is ideal for cats who appear terrified and scared.
  • Rescue Remedy can help with situations of terror. This is a combination of 5 different Bach Flower Remedies. Ideal for situations of crisis. So if you're not sure what to choose and it's an "emergency" choose this.

You can give your cat a Bach Flower Remedy, by putting a couple of drops of the remedy onto a treat or his or her food. Never put the pipette into your cat's mouth. This is dangerous. Get more information on this therapy at my advice page here.

  1. Reiki
This is an energy therapy. Meaning it doesn't involve massage or taking any remedies or tablets. A trained reiki practitioner who understands how to apply reiki to animals, will be able to help calm.
Get more information here.

  1. Radionics
This is another energy therapy. It's useful for helping to address behavioural problems. And may help you as a cat owner to both understand the problem. And work with your cat to restore confidence and wellbeing. Find out more here.

I hope you find this information helpful to calm your cat. If you'd like any more info on complementary animal therapies. Please visit my natural animal healthcare directory at

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Suzanne Harris
Director and Founder, Taranet