How To Help Your Pet's Medicine Go Down

Has your horse, dog or cat had an ailment which needed medication?

If they've had to have medication, then have they been happy to have it?

Despite trying to convince my animals that the medicine or supplement is going to help them. They don't always take any notice! But of course if they need to have medicine to help them get better, then they have to have it.

It's hard to argue with a horse prescribed with antibiotic powders though that they're a good idea. Usually there's a lot of it!

If your horse or pet is feeling unwell, they might not feel like eating. Which makes giving them medicine in their food even harder!

So what to help with this?

Trying to layer the medicine throughout the feed can help, rather than putting it one place. But this may not work. Especially if there's an aroma to the medicine.

Natural tempters include:

  • Ginger Biscuits (broken up)
  • Dried Ginger – just a small sprinkle
  • Honey – just a drizzle (I use Forever Bee Honey – 100% natural mountain honey, which I also sell)

I've find these have made my horse's food smell tastier and more palatable.

Of course she also has lots of carrot in it to help it go down well too!

These tips can also help a dog who needs some tempting to eat his/her feed.

Other complementary therapies you can try are:

  • Bach Flower Remedies. If your animal is upset, emotional, scared or not his or herself. Then there'll be one of the 38 remedies that can help. Learn more at my advice page here.
  • Reiki is an energy therapy that can help with relaxation, (amongst other things). And if your horse or pet is stressed, then it maybe helpful. Learn more here.

What are your tips to help your horse, pony, or dog have their medicine go down? Share your ideas with me on social media (links by pressing the navigation button at the top right of the page!).

About the Author

Suzanne Harris is founder of the Taranet website at, and also provides business coaching to horse and dog care and veterinary professionals.