Are You Helping Your Cockapoo With Natural Care?

Care For Your Cockapoo With Complementary Therapies

What Is A Cockapoo?

A cockapoo is a dog who's a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle. They're cute and cuddly and often bundles of fun. Loving to run about and oozing character.

Cockapoo's are often a dog breed choice, for people with allergies. As their coat is such that it doesn't seem to affect many people, who'd be allergic to longer hair breeds. It does though depend on the particular dog. As there are variations in the breeding (see

Can you use natural therapies to care for your cockapoo?

In short yes! Here's 3 popular natural ways for helping to keep your cockapoo happy

  1. Bach Flower Remedies. There are 38 of these remedies, all helping with the emotions. Whatever your cockapoo is feeling, there'll be a Bach Flower Remedy which will help. Does your dog get overwhelmed and worried in certain situations? Do loud noises or firework noise scare your dog? Is your dog over-excited in certain places? Although good training is essential, and no therapy will replace good training. Bach Flower Remedies can assist with training and as part of a holistic care for your cockapoo.

You can find Bach Flower Remedy practitioners for animals around the world. Or why not take a course with The Bach Centre to learn how to help your own dog.

  1. Massage. Canine massage is relaxing and therapeutic for all dogs. Including your cockapoo. Dogs of all sizes can get muscle strain. Running and jumping about can create muscular tension. But even walking about can cause strains, especially if the ground is uneven. Or if your dog doesn't have a variety of walking on different surfaces it can create a repetitive strain.

A trained canine massage therapist can help your cockapoo. Or you can take a dog owners canine massage course to help your own dog.

  1. Reiki. This is an energy therapy. If your cockapoo has an injury or illness and isn't happy because of this. Then Reiki can help your dog cope with the emotion of the situation. Or if your cockapoo feels over excited or upset. Then Reiki can help your dog feel calmer and more relaxed.

Again there are many Reiki for animals practitioners around the world. And you can take a Reiki course to learn how to help your own dog.

In conclusion. Your cockapoo can enjoy many natural therapies. I've just listed three here, but there are many others. Many dogs enjoy complementary therapies and your cockapoo can too!

As with all therapies and treatments - use only those that your Veterinary Surgeon approves. There maybe some reasons why a therapy won't be suitable for your dog. But generally the 3 featured here are very safe. It's important that you don't delay your cockapoo receiving treatment or diagnosis if he or she is unwell. So if your dog is ill, get your Veterinary Surgeon's diagnosis first.

Find out more about other natural animal therapies here at Taranet. Or read other articles in this Natural Pet Health Blog. Take a look at the sitemap here to explore!

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