Love These Brilliant Tips To Create Affordable Promo Videos

How To Create Promo Videos Without Spending A Fortune

Promo videos are a great way to spread the word about a forthcoming event or marketing initiative engagingly!

Promos are similar to teaser videos, in which you catch the audience's attention and entice them to find out more about your brand, its products, or services.

So if you're wondering
how to create compelling promotional videos on a budget, keep reading, and we'll go over some of the most important things to keep in mind!

When Should You Use A Promo Video?

Promo videos are fantastic for drawing new customers by raising awareness about events.

If your audience is unfamiliar with your brand, promo videos can draw their attention to your current promotion while simultaneously informing them about your brand.

You can also re-engage established and returning customers by luring them in by giving them an incentive, such as a discount, which will encourage them to buy from you.

Why Create Promo Videos?

In a nutshell - because they work!

Promo videos are an effective way to communicate information that you want your audience to remember.

Consider all of the ads you see in the weeks leading up to the holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, with major retailers advertising deals on their products or services.

Similarly, you can use promo videos to successfully draw potential clients or encourage existing clients to engage with your business, which can be especially helpful when trying to get guests to sign up and attend events.

How To Make a Promo Video

Below, we'll go over how you can create your promo videos without spending on fortune on hiring a production company.

Step 1: Write a script

  • Start with the fundamental concept - what are you trying to sell or promote?
  • Concentrate on the keywords and key ideas you want to incorporate into the promotional video.
  • Keep your video script brief - promos can run up to a minute and a half, but anywhere from thirty seconds to one minute tops is optimal!

Step 2: Create a storyboard

  • Promo videos require visual aids such as graphics or title cards. So make sure to plan these out ahead of time.
  • It would help if you tried to plan out what you want to include in terms of visuals.
  • One great tip to help keep costs down is to create different copies of the same promotional film. To make several promo videos for the same campaign, consider coming up with a few brief variations of the same theme or concept.

Step 3: Action!

  • Now that you've planned your vision, it's time to bring it all together!
  • Shooting on location in your shop, event location, or workplace is the most cost-effective option.

Step 4: Editing Time

  • The promo video's most crucial aspect is to share valuable details, such as coupon codes, event dates, or deadlines for the end of the offer.
  • So that the viewer doesn't lose out, make sure to provide these details creatively with illustrations and graphics.
  • Don't forget to add valuable information about your brand, including your logo, business cards, website address, etc.

Step 5: Promote, promote, promote!

  • Since your social media networks are one of your company's most important marketing channels, this is a great place to start. Be sure to share your promo videos on them!
  • Spend some money to advertise your promo video on social media, and use retargeting to alert your fans and subscribers who have opened your promotional email about the deal!

Creating Effective And Affordable Promo Videos

There's no doubting the fact that you can easily spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to create promotional videos for your brand.

But by creating your videos yourself, writing your script, filming on location, and editing your content in-house, you can easily make promotional video content that's not only engaging but also cost-effective for your brand!

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This is a guest post by Bryan Davidson