How To Become More Sustainable In Your Pet Care Business

3 Ways You Can Become A Sustainable Pet Care Entrepreneur

As a veterinary physiotherapist how important is sustainability to your business? What does this even mean? And should you worry about it?

If you're another pet care entrepreneur then this article can apply to you too!

First of all what can sustainability mean? It means two things - the impact on the environment and the impact on society.

Take a moment and think, what impact does your veterinary physiotherapy business have?

Here are three ways that this can apply to your business.

  1. Do you travel to customers? If so, how do you get there? What sort of vehicle is it? If changing your vehicle to a more energy efficient one isn't practical. Do you try and 'batch' your visits? So you're not making unnecessary trips. This is a difficult one. After all, you want to offer a flexible service and be able to meet your customer's needs. But it's worth taking a look at your diary and plan to say visit a particular area once or twice a week. Not only can you cut down on unnecessary travel, it should reduce your stress! Driving about can be relaxing but also can be tiring.

  1. Equipment. This could be anything you use in connection with your business. There are several things you can consider here.

  1. Number one - Where do you source it from? Now I know it can be very difficult to get products which are local, or even from the same country! But getting products which haven't travelled miles - thousands of miles to get to you. Will reduce the impact on the environment.
  2. Number two - What products do you use, what materials are they? Are they reusable? If not, can you get an alternative which IS reusable? If you can re-use. Can you recycle it? Nowadays these are ever more important. And there are many product options. Not all are expensive, and even if something does seem more cost. If it saves on expenditure, and saves the environment it's not a bad thing is it?!

  1. Can you make an impact in your community? There are dozens of ways you can do this. One idea is to work with like-minded organisations. Making a positive impact beyond your own business. This could be with veterinary practices, pet groomers, horse grooms dog or horse trainers. Giving is a good way to start your sustainability journey. Can you work together to provide information events (eg webinars, client evenings)? Making a difference in your community.

These are a few ideas. But there are many more! Sustainability is a wide term, but that reflects the enormous opportunity. Nowadays many are more keen to ensure their purchasing choices are positive. And don't have a negative impact.

So don't forget to tell your customers. And potential customers on what you're doing. This could be in your newsletters, social media, invoices, anything!

Action Point
  • Take a notepad (or notes on your smartphone/laptop). Write down a list of things where you're making sustainable choices now.
  • Then write down a list of 10 things you can do to become MORE sustainable.
  • And take action, get started. Remember small actions can have a large impact.

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