How to Make Your Pet Logo Relevant to Your Business

What's Your Identity For Your Pet Care Business?

Many logo and graphic designers stress upon the importance of brand identity designs being true and relevant to the business. Paul Rand famously called a logo, ‘an ambassador’, for the company. He was of the opinion that a symbol ‘doesn’t sell directly but identifies’.

If you think about it, this is how businesses manage to turn themselves into successful brands. When it comes to pet logos, this is what you have to keep in mind. The relevance of your logo and how it is able to get the target audience to identify your business.

The competition in the pet industry is tough, which is why, you need to communicate with the customer clearly and directly through your brand symbol. Tell them what you have to offer from the first look so that there is no confusion. In order to do so, your pet logo design has to be relevant to your business and represent it in the best way possible. There are a few useful tips and tricks to creating a pet logo that will help to make it relevant to your business.

Define Your Audience

One of the first steps that you can take towards creating an impressive and to the point logo is to narrow down your target audience. The more you are clear about the group of consumers you want your business to attract, the easier the design process for a relevant brand identity. Take this for example. The logo for a vet’s clinic will have a different audience than that of a dog and cat walking service. If your business belongs to the first category, then its brand symbol should portray that with simplistic wordmarks or elements such as medical instruments.
On the other hand, a dog walker or pet sitting logo can be more fun and animated to appeal to the target consumer.

Avoid the Clutter

You know how they say, too many cooks spoil the broth? Well, this is something similar. In a pet logo, it is always a better idea to keep things simple instead of adding several shapes, icons and letters. If there are a lot of elements to focus upon, your message might get lost and confuse the customer.

This is why, it’s recommended that you avoid clutter and figure out how to highlight your business in a simple manner. With a company or business that produces and sells dog food, you can just have a silhouette of a dog or puppy with a wordmark or lettermark. If you want, you can incorporate elements of nature such as leaves or trees to gain the trust of the customers in your product.

Create a Balance

This might sound strange at first but not all logos focus on keeping and maintaining a balance in their designs. Sometimes, you might be able to spot it clearly and at other times, you might just miss it. When it comes to making pet logos relevant to the business, a balanced logo design can be highly effective. If you take a look at the examples below, you will see how the animal imagery, shapes and words have been used to create a well-balanced brand identity design.

GuesBiz1 GuesBiz2

Focus on the Fonts

While the right colors are critical to the designing of pet logos, the choice of fonts can really make them hit the mark. If you want to make sure that your logo does not lose its relevance over time and remains true to your business, then focus on the fonts and typography. If you want to create a modern appeal, then a strong and clear Sans Serif is a good choice. Otherwise, you can get creative with Serif fonts or even try calligraphy depending on the message you want to send. It basically depends on your business and the product or service you have to offer.
For pet grooming and accessories, you can choose a decorative or handwritten font whereas for rescue or adoption services, you can opt for something bold and direct.

Stay Away from Themes and Trends
You do not want your pet logo to look as if it has been copied from somewhere or is too closely similar to another design. This is why, it’s a good idea to avoid following themes and trends in the industry. Instead, you should try and make your logo as unique as possible to your business.

Incorporate your brand’s story in some way if you possible, otherwise, you can use different color combinations to make it stand out. Keep the colors or shapes that might be trending with other businesses away and go with something unusual yet appealing.

To Sum Up

Pet logos can be created in a way that they become relevant to the business for years to come. If you stick with some of the tips given here, you can have a pet logo that highlights your business values and represents it well. In the end, you can have a brand identity design that can be used to market your business everywhere and gain an advantage over the competition.

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