Why You Should Love These Marketing and Branding Tips For Your Pet Care Business

Brilliant Tips To Get Your Business Noticed For All The Right Reasons

Step Into Your Customer's Mind

How do you discover new companies or services to use? You could get a recommendation from friends or family. Or you could see an advertisement. But if you want to discover more, what do you expect to see?

Do you want to find a website with lots of information? Is a Facebook page or other social media account enough. Or does it not matter as long as you can find the information that you need to know?

Why am I asking you this?

Taking a step back and understanding what you want to know. Can help you decide on what marketing channels you should use for your own business. Be ruthless! What is your current marketing telling your prospective customers? If someone didn't know you, what is your marketing and branding telling them?

Should You Love Facebook or Get A Website To Be Noticed?

  • Is a website needed, when you can use social media? Facebook gets mixed press from people. But millions of people do use it!
  • Although not everyone does use Facebook or social media. Including your potential customers!
  • There have been occasions too when Facebook isn't working. Or at the very least very slow. So if people have to rely on seeing your Facebook page and they can't view it, then you may lose a customer.

So what are my tips?

1. Keep up to date
Whether you use Facebook business page or a website, keep it updated.
If you don't post often to your Facebook page. Or don't update your website (check the footer or copyright - is a year in there?). Then it looks like you're either a) closed or b) don't prioritise your business image.

Are you unsure what to post on your Facebook page? See this blog post for ideas

2. Know Your Image

What is the image of your business? No matter the size of your business. Whether you're working with horses, pets, or other animals, how you behave portrays an image. In how you work with your customers.

But also in your marketing. Your website or Facebook page is part of your marketing. So get those well designed and giving people the information they need.

3. Branding

But more than just being well designed, consider your branding. Branding is something for businesses of all sizes. Even if you are a solopreneur, if you have a business, branding is vital.

Learn To Love The Benefits Of A Great Brand For Your Business

  • Be authentic. So don't create a colour scheme or logo for instance that doesn't mean anything to you. Make sure it's relevant to your business. But let it be inspired by what you want to achieve. You should feel comfortable and happy with it. Even if you outsource designing to a specialist branding expert, be clear on your brief, and only accept what you know is right.
  • Make sure it's about you. Following on from the above point. To make sure you and your service stands out for all the right reasons. Which are, that your branding reflects you and your business goals.
  • Don't confuse marketing with branding. Marketing is the method of showcasing your service and gaining customers or leads. Branding is the overarching approach. Without clear branding, then your marketing efforts maybe confused.
  • Consistency is vital. So don't change your branding every few months. Of course if something is really not working then you should change. But branding is an expensive process - both in your time and in marketing. So do test branding concepts with trusted friends or relatives or others you know and trust. Being consistent will enable people, your potential customers, to get to know you. By getting to know you then trust can develop.

In Conclusion

One of the principles of my T.A.R.A. coaching programme is being targeted. Part of this is being clear on what you want your marketing and branding to show your potential customers.

Branding, image, marketing these are for businesses of all sizes.

You should love your business. It is yours. If you're having trouble getting clear on your business and setting goals and planning. Then a business coach maybe what you need. This is one of the services that I offer.

Read more about the T.A.R.A. coaching programme here

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About The Author
Suzanne Harris is an equestrian and canine entrepreneurial coach and consultant to veterinarians who want to help prevent animals being affected by domestic abuse.

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