How To Have A Great Website

Simple Design Tips For A Great Website

People find your website, and that's it isn't it? Your great content will let them know what you do and they'll buy your service or product? Not always!!! Can people actually see past the design? Is it obvious what you're saying and what your company does?

Your website should be a great "shop-window" for your equine or canine business. Creating a website can take a lot of time. But unfortunately this can be time spent on choosing elaborate fonts. Or a very bold or clashing colour scheme. So your potential customers, can't find out if what you're offering is what they need. Why? Because they can't read it well!

Here are a couple of top tips to help you audit your website. With a critical eye, see if your website is ok, or needs some amendment.

Tip 1 - Fonts
Are the fonts on your website clear? Are they decorative or elaborate? Can anyone, including people who may have any visual impairment read what you're saying? Or does it take a lot of effort to see past the font?

Tip 2 - Colour Scheme
Bold colours can look great and be eye-catching. But be careful to choose colours that don't detract from your website's purpose..... You want to present professional information about yourself. And get people to get in contact with you! So make sure your anyone can read your website. And aren't distracted by the colours.

Choose a background colour that contrasts well with the font, so that the writing can be clearly seen..... Black writing on white background may seem not to be very exciting to some. But it's usually clear to read. (That's not to say of course that's the only colour scheme to use!)

In conclusion.
Remember people will often look initially at your website for a short period of time. Sometimes seconds. If they decide that it's going to be too difficult to find what they need to know. They'll leave the site and find another one to look at.

Action Point
  • Review your website, and imagine you're someone who knows nothing about your business. Is it easy to read? Would you carry on looking at it? If you're not sure, ask someone you trust to give their honest opinion to have a look!

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About The Author
Suzanne Harris is an equestrian and canine entrepreneurial coach and consultant to veterinarians who want to help prevent animals being affected by domestic abuse.

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