How To Market Your Horse or Dog Care Business With Email

Why A Mailing List Is Important For Your Equine or Pet Care Business?

Do you think social media is the best way to market your business? Is Facebook or Instagram or another social network where you rely on advertising and connecting with customers?

Despite its popularity, social media isn't the only option you have for marketing. Or to keep in touch with customers. A mailing list is still a vital tool for you to email newsletters direct to your subscribers.

Social media is an invaluable marketing source. But you're always dependent on the social networks algorithm. This means that the people who see your posts will be who the social network decides on. Not you!!

Unless you pay to promote posts or you engage in 'chat' and 'conversation' to generate awareness. Even if you have tens of thousands of followers or 'likes' it's unlikely all will see your posts. Even if they're using the network daily.

You can send an email newsletter direct to your subscribers mailbox. This increases its chances of your subscribers opening it. AND remember if someone has signed up to your mailing list. It means they want to hear more from you and your business. This is as important to a veterinary or horse/dog care business, as it is to any other business type.

Here's five top reasons why a mailing list is important for your business

  1. Provide information to potential customers
  2. Keep in contact with your current customers and let them know of your latest news
  3. Give exclusive "behind the scenes" offers and news to mailing list subscribers.
  4. Regular e-mail updates can help maintain awareness of your business
  5. Use newsletters to provide advice and help to existing customers (and potential ones).

A key theme from the above list is "information". Of course you want to sell your services or products, but who likes having a sales pitch all the time? Few people. So keep your email newsletters informative. By providing helpful advice and news, you can help build trust. So people are likely to be more receptive to the idea of buying from you. Your news updates could include many subjects. Such as training you've completed, new equipment you have, new team members, etc.

You can set up different mailing lists. For instance if you work with horses, dogs and cats, you could have 3 lists for people interested in each animal. These can be "segments" of your list. These enable you to be very targeted in your information.

How Can I Develop A Mailing List?

First of all don't try and maintain a database on your files! I say this because it's a quick way to create an administrative burden. Instead, there are many free or low cost email marketing management companies you can use. Such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact. There's other more complex but effective systems such as Infusionsoft. These companies all enable people to sign up to your mailing list (and unsubscribe if they want to). And choose which segment of the list they want to hear from

Consider privacy and data protection legislation. By using a reputable email management provider. They'll help you operate your mailing list in accordance with any legalities.

Here's five top ways to get subscribers

  1. Have a 'subscribe now' button on your website;
  2. If you use social media, include the link to subscribe in your posts;
  3. Ask existing customers if they want to join your mailing list. Perhaps when you invoice them or book their appointments;
  4. Offer incentives for people who join your mailing list. For instance at a 'client evening' if people subscribe to your mailing list enter them into a free prize draw. This could for a free therapy treatment for their animal. Or a free worm-test or other minor but important veterinary procedure;
  5. Encourage your subscribers to forward your e-newsletter to a friend/relative/colleague. Be sure to include a 'subscribe' feature in the newsletter.

How Can I Automate Newsletters?

Using an email management system like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft. Means you can write your email newsletters in advance. And schedule them for when you want them to send. You may not want to do this for all your newsletters. But it can be helpful particularly if you like to 'bulk' your work, so you can write a few at once.

You can also set up a welcome email for your new subscribers when they sign up, which they receive automatically and help you build a positive relationship with your subscribers.

Action For You

  • If you've not got a mailing list to send updates to new and existing customers, then start one today.
  • Use an email management system to easily and legally collect email addresses and automate the process of sending emails.

About The Author

Suzanne Harris is an equestrian and canine entrepreneurial coach and consultant to veterinarians who want to help prevent animals being affected by domestic abuse.

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