Social Media Training Courses - Specialising in Supporting Animal Care Business Professionals

Do you want your animal-care related business (whether Veterinary Surgeons, Complementary Therapists, Pet Sitters to other animal care services) to reach its full potential? Or are you another business professional looking to expand your knowledge of social networking for business? All are welcome to attend our social media training courses.

Suzanne at Taranet is an experienced social marketeer and has completed the internationally renowned Hootsuite Certificate in Social Media Marketing. Our open access training courses are delivered at two levels depending on your existing knowledge - introductory and advanced.
Suzanne Taranet Certified Hootsuite Professional
At the introductory course get a better understanding of the different social networks that are often used by businesses of different sizes.

Our in-house expert will explain some of the basics, why it can be helpful, and what you can do to get the most out of it - and possibly enjoy it too!

The advanced course will help you to understand more about analytics, advertising and generally further developing your social media strategy.

For both courses, post course support is also available.

Each course is 3 hours (including refreshment break), and is £95 per person. The location of each course is usually South-West England.

Introductory Course

This provides an introduction to popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This should help you decide which networks you should concentrate on.

Plus you’ll get tips on how to maximise your profiles, increase engagement and avoid common mistakes. Also get an introduction to developing your own social media strategy.

Advanced Course

This course is suitable for people already using social media for their business, and who want to improve their social networking efforts.

Get help on enhancing your social media strategy, including how to use the analytical tools and advertising opportunities that many social networks offer.

Dates and venues for upcoming courses will appear above. But to register your interest now, please email info @

Or if you’d like to organise an in-house training for your business, then please email info @ to discuss availability and price.