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What is Radionics?

Radionics has been practised for many years. Its basic principles were discovered by an American physician, Dr. Albert Abrams (1863 – 1924) who developed a completely new concept of analysis and healing by identifying the unique energy patterns of disease.

Radionics is a form of complementary healing in which a Radionic Practitioner broadcasts clearly defined healing energies to a patient, irrespective of the distance between them. It is a form of energy, or vibrational therapy. Radionic Practitioners use dowsing techniques, together with Radionic instruments, both to identify and treat the imbalances in the patient’s energy field which lie behind the physical or psychological symptoms. This energy field, more commonly known as the aura, contains major chakras, which support and vitalise the physical body.

Although these may be challenging concepts, recent developments in science now support the ancient belief that at some level we are all linked at a higher state of consciousness and exchanges of healing energy can occur at this level. In energy therapy, different forms of matter are each seen as having a unique frequency of vibration.

Stress, accidents, toxins, injury and many factors, together with fear or past negative experiences may all impact on the physical body, emotional well-being, or behaviour. Radionics assists the self-healing capacity of the patient (or the natural recuperative processes of the patient). It facilitates a flow of energies between the body’s various levels to restore the patient to balance and good health.

Can Radionics work for my horse or other animal?

Radionics can be used for a wide variety of conditions and animals.

Years of experience have shown it to be effective in the treatment of many conditions such as chronic and acute illnesses, respiratory, digestive, skeletal and muscular problems, allergies, injuries and so on. It is a complementary therapy for humans and animals. Radionics is also useful for helping to address behavioural problems in animals. And may help an owner to both understand the problem. Plus work with the animal to restore confidence and wellbeing.

Radionics has a long history in the treatment of animals, and many horses have benefited from being put on “The Black Box” (the nickname arising from original Radionic instruments). Competition horses may suffer from “nerves” and tension in dressage, showing or show jumping and together with potentialising performance in the event, endurance or race horse, Radionics may play a significant role in these areas.

What does a Radionic treatment consist of?
Before Radionic analysis and treatment can be carried out, patients/owners/trainers are asked to complete a Case History form, and give their consent. A small sample of hair is also required, which acts as a link between the patient and practitioner. This link is based on the holographic principle in which a small portion (the hair sample) removed from the whole reflects the total energy pattern of the whole (the patient).

All information provided is kept in confidence and Radionic Practitioners who are registered members of the Radionic Association maintain the highest possible ethical standards at all times. Radionics does not substitute for veterinary care. Only a vet can diagnose an animals’ condition and determine most appropriate treatment. The Radionic Practitioner requires assurance that veterinary advice has been sought, and the animal is under the care of a vet. As a complementary and holistic therapy it works in conjunction with orthodox medicine and other complementary therapies. Whilst permissible, through Qualified Practitioners to offer Healing, and behavioural treatment it is still advised to consult a vet to discuss possibility of causative pain or illness.

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