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How Kinesiology Could Benefit Your Animal

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What is Kinesiology?

It's a non-invasive holistic healing system, which was developed by Dr George Goodheart, a Chiropractor in USA in the 20th century. Kinesiology uses the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to evaluate health and any imbalances, and attempts to test the flow of energy in the acupuncture meridians through isolating certain muscle groups, allowing assessment of the functioning of all the major body systems.

If an energy flow has a weakness, it's thought to lead to health imbalances which can affect wellbeing. Through assessment, the Kinesiologist maybe able to suggest ways to re-balance the body to improve health.

How does Kinesiology work with animals?

Either muscle testing or assessment of a sample of hair is used for a Kinesiology assessment.

With muscle testing, a range of different muscles throughout the animal's body are isolated and then pressure is applied to assess the strength of that individual muscle. This is used to assess whether there is a stress that needs to be addressed, because there is a corresponding meridian within the body for each muscle, with each meridian having typical imbalances which may affect it.

Hair testing involves a sample of hair being assessed with the assistance of a surrogate, (if the animal is not present - as hair testing can be done at a distance) . The weaknesses of your animals energy can be assessed, with different remedies being placed onto the surrogate, in order to strengthen the weaknesses in energy.

A qualified Kinesiologist will also normally like to have an understanding of the animal's history, to help determine what may be causing poor performance or ill-health. An animal Kinesiologist will normally be available for any follow-up advice/sessions, to ensure that the owner/keeper of the animal is able to support the animal to restore to its full health.

How can Kinesiology help my animal?

Many animals may benefit from having their health evaluated via kinesiology - from horses and dogs, to other pets and livestock. If there are any performance issues with your animal (e.g. under-performing competition horse, or your dog or other animal doesn't seem 100% healthy), but the cause can't be determined (easily), then Kinesiology may be helpful and a useful technique.

Kinesiology is often used by qualified animal aromatics practitioners, who use it to assess which is the most appropriate essential oil to use in order to promote the good health of your animal. In addition, many other complementary therapists who work with animals, (e.g. chiropractors, osteopaths, etc) also use Kinesiology, to assist them in helping to best promote your animal's health.

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