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Superb Benefits of Crystal Therapy Your Animal Can Enjoy

Crystals Therapy Animals

What is Crystal Therapy and How Can It Help My Animal?

Crystals have been used for thousands of years as a method for healing a range of ailments for both animals and humans.

An animals body has 7 chakras (or energy points). All crystals have a charge which when positioned correctly help the body's natural energy flow to be restored. When the body is suffering injury or disease its normal energy flow is disrupted. The crystals help to resolve this, thus facilitating the body to heal itself.

As with other therapies such as acupuncture and shiatsu there are specific points throughout the body where different ailments can best be treated. For instance, an animals throat chakra influences: respiratory system, lungs, forelegs, paws and mouth.

What Crystals Are There For My Animal?

There are lots of different Crystals (and gems) that can be used with many animals These include the following:

  • Amazonite - great for training young horses
  • Aventurine - show nerves and fear
  • Calcite - skeletal system
  • Clear Quartz - strengthen immune system and increase vitality
  • Emerald - nervousness and digestion
  • Gold - for treating depression
  • Herkimer diamond - stress
  • Opal - there are different types, so use depending on what the need is
  • plus many more..........!

Caring for Crystals

It's important that crystals are cared for properly, with regular cleansing, re-nourishing and rebalancing. To do this there are a variety of options including:

  • Soaking in salt water (preferably sea salt)
  • Place in the moonlight
  • Place in direct sunlight (the UV rays help to recharge)

How can you use crystals with your animal?

There are various ways that you can use crystals to help your animal, including the following:

  • Place in your pet's basket (obviously locating so as not to cause any discomfort when your pet lays down!);
  • Hang from your horse's headcollar or rug.
  • Hold in your hand and locate your hand near the appropriate chakra on your animal.

As with many therapies (including aromatherapy), your animal will let you know if they're finding it of benefit. You'll know if the symptoms or ailment improves. Or if the crystal's are causing discomfort your horse or pet may swish his or her tail, put their ears back, and look unhappy. So do stop using that particular crystal. But sometimes the crystals can have an intense effect which is only tolerable in short doses. Especially to begin with. A qualified therapist will recognise these signs and use the most appropriate crystals.

Please remember that as with any complementary therapy for your animal, crystal therapy should not be used to replace qualified Veterinary advice, diagnosis and treatment.

Would you like help finding a Crystal Therapist near you for your animal? Please email us at - we'll be pleased to try and assist, wherever you are in the world!

You can get more information on many complementary therapies for animals here at Taranet. Take a look at the sitemap here for a list.

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This article has been extensively researched and written by Suzanne Harris. Who is also the designer and developer of this site. A lifelong animal lover with a passion for ensuring animals can access complementary therapies for their health and wellbeing.