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Overview of Copper Therapy for Animal Health


Copper As Healthcare For Animals

Copper is a metal. It's also an important trace mineral to consume for both human and animal health.

But copper is also used in "jewellery-type" products. Copper's believed to have been used as a health treatment for thousands of years. Often copper jewellery is used to help ease joint inflammation and pain. Copper is known to have been used in Ancient Egypt as is recorded in a medical book from 1550BC (The Ebers Papyrus).

Horses, dogs and other animals may wear copper neck chains or pastern straps. To help provide symptomatic relief from a range of health conditions. It's believed to work by traces of this mineral being absorbed through the skin into the body.

Do Copper Bracelets Work?

As with all therapies not all animals may benefit. However, many people will know of a human who wears a copper bracelet who finds relief, so it could be worth trying for your animal. There is some controversy as to whether copper bracelets are a waste of time and money. But some people do report themselves feeling better and also their animals seeming to be better too. Could it be a coincidence? Possibly - but it's not to say it doesn't work for some people and animals! So maybe worth trying.

If your animal does have a health problem, always seek advice from your Veterinary Surgeon before trying copper products (or any complementary therapy). Don't try copper therapy unless you know what the problem is, a veterinary surgeon can advise (not google!).

You can get more information on many complementary therapies for animals here at Taranet. Take a look at the sitemap here for a list.

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