How Can Animal Communication Help You or Your Pet

Incredible Benefits Of Telepathy With Your Animal

Incredible benefits of telepathy for your animal

Would You Like To Know What Your Animal Companion Is Thinking and Feeling?

Animal communicators can talk to your animal through telepathy. "Telepathy" means "feeling across a distance". The animals communicate their thoughts in mental images, words, and emotions. The role of the communicator is to receive these impressions, thoughts, and feelings from your animal to provide deeper insight into questions that you have for your companion.

Key to facilitating this telepathic interchange is respect and acknowledgement of the intelligence and divine nature of our non-human friends. It is a connection with the soul or spirit of animals, and an opportunity to get their viewpoint as well as their guidance.

Telepathic communication can assist you in the following areas:

Behavioral / Emotional

- "Why is my animal aggressive towards other animals?"

- "We recently brought a new animal into the family. The others are not bonding with him yet. How does everyone feel, and what can I do to help?"

- "My animal was a stray that I adopted from a shelter. Did she have any traumatic experiences that I should know about to help her emotionally adjust to her new home?"


- "My animal is recovering from a traumatic injury and surgery. How does she feel about her progress? What else would she like me to do to help?"

- "My animal has had many serious health issues recently. Does he want to be euthanized?"


- "Why is my cat not using the litterbox? The veterinarian has said nothing is physically wrong."

- "Does my horse feel that his saddle and bit fit properly? Is there any discomfort?"

- "Does my animal like their new type of food?"

Grief Counseling

- "My animal died. How is he, and what would he like me to know?"

- "How does my animal feel about the recent loss of her companion of many years?"

Trauma and Fear

- "Why is my dog fearful of car rides, whining loudly and pacing?"

- "My horse spooks easily in various situations when we are trail riding. What concerns him?"

Lost Animals

- "My animal accidently escaped several days ago. Can she tell you where she is, if she's OK, and how we can connect and find her?

Each communicator has a personal style and unique approach to working with you and your animal. Most communicators primarily work via phone, and many also do consultations via mail (and/or e-mail) as well as in-person. Also, it is typical for communicators to have training/experience in multiple healing modalities (i.e. Reiki, Flower Essences), and to offer lectures and workshops to encourage others to regain their own ability to telepathically communicate with animals. Animal communication is not a substitute for good veterinary care, proper nutrition, training, or exercise

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