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Love These Natural Therapies To Help Sheep

Natural therapies aren't just for pets! All animals can benefit, including livestock such as sheep.
There's a variety of different complementary therapies can be used to care for sheep naturally. This includes the following popular therapies:

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Why Use Natural Therapies To Help Sheep?

Just because a therapy is 'natural' doesn't mean it's less likely to work. Whether your sheep are being kept on an organic basis or not, a natural approach can help the sheep to be happier and be healthier. Is it more expensive? Well it depends on what the ailment is of course. But it's not necessarily more expensive and could actually save more money in the long-run. A preventative approach to care, can reduce the likelihood of injury and illness.

The human relationship with sheep can be different to animals. With them not being seen so much as pets (although of course they are to many people too!). But whether you're keeping sheep on a commercial basis or not. There's a place for some natural approaches to help.

Many of you may breed sheep with the purpose of going to agricultural shows to showcase the quality of your stock and hopefully win too! You can use 'natural' grooming products - e.g. Aloe Vera, to help get your sheep gleaming for the show ring!

5 Top Natural Therapies To Help Care For Your Sheep

  1. Homeopathy - Veterinary homeopathy can help with skin complaints. Digestive issues. And other sheep ailments. There are many veterinary surgeon's who've completed specialist homeopathy training, so understand which remedies to use. Get more information here
  2. Herbal Remedies - There are many different herbs that can be used to help with many sheep ailments. See more
  3. Zoopharmacognosy - Sometimes known as animal aromatics. The use of essential oils can help with emotional and skin issues. Plus other things. Read more
  4. Reiki - Do you take your sheep to shows? Or are your sheep scared of the vet? Or are any medical/care procedures tricky? Then this energy therapy can help your sheep feel calmer and more relaxed. Learn more
  5. Bach Flower Remedies - there are 38 different remedies. All natural. And can help with emotions. So if your sheep is recovering from illness. Or has a reason to be upset, or is a bit too bossy! Then there'll be a remedy to help! Learn more

Which Complementary Therapy Will Work Best?

Sheep are like any animal. And what works for one may not necessarily work for another - and vice versa. A veterinary surgeon will be able to diagnose and advise on the best treatment plan for your sheep. There are many veterinary surgeons who've an interest in or specialise in holistic therapies. And also complementary therapists for animals work with farm animals and will be able to advise what could be helpful.

Remember that a complementary therapist will always need your Vet's permission before treating your animal. And regular liaison between the two professionals can often bring greater results to your animal's health.

Other information To Help Sheep Naturally

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