Care for Your Dog Naturally

Love These Holistic Dog Care Tips

How Can You Care For Your Dog Holistically

Any dog can benefit from a holistic lifestyle and natural health care. Your dog can enjoy a range of complementary therapies, supplements and different types of care.

Your Essential 5 Top Holistic Dog Care Tips:

  1. Feed - Use feed that is free from processed/chemically modified or genetically modified ingredients. Using feed that reflects a natural diet, means your dog is less likely to have skin complaints, digestive upsets and other health ailments. If you can, choose organic. There are many dog food ranges available that are organic and who use holistic principles.
  2. Skincare - If your dog has any skin irritations, or wounds. You can care for these using natural products. For instance, Aloe Vera and Manuka Honey are just two popular natural skincare options.
  3. Healthcare - There are going to be many instances, when "conventional" veterinary medicine is essential. Complementary therapies and products can be used to support your dog's health, including alongside conventional medicine. For instance if your dog has arthritis, a natural supplement may be recommended by your vet. Even alongside some prescribed medication! Using good supplements can mean less other medication is needed.
  4. Training - There are several techniques to training that are particularly gentle, yet effective. Tellington Ttouch Training is one example of such a method. And has had success in helping dogs with both physical and behaviourial problems. As well as general performance and happiness.
  5. Worming - It is possible to use herbs to help control intestinal challenges. Verm-X is one company that is leading the way in herbal wormers for many animals, including dogs. Find out more at their website here. Or check out my worming advice page here.

For more information on dozens of natural therapies. Please explore this site (click here for the sitemap). Or email for some general advice! There are several Veterinary Surgeon's across the UK (and internationally) who work using holistic methods, if you'd like help locating one near you, for your animal, do email me!

You can find more information on how to help care for your animal holistically below:

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Would you like information on Veterinary Surgeon's or Therapists who use holistic approaches near you for your animal? Please email us at - we'll be pleased to try and assist!

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