How To Post At The Best Time On Social Media

3 Top Tips For You To Post At The Best Time On Social Media

So you've some great posts. You're pleased with the information and photo's or video's you're posting. As an equestrian or pet care entrepreneur you know you can make a difference. Not only helping people to help their animals, but also to help you build your brand.

But you're not getting the engagement you're expecting. Is this because you're posting at the right time of day? Or are you posting when no-one's online?

In short, there is not a wrong time of day to post. Many of the social networks do not show posts in someone's feed, by date/time order. Often they're shown based on engagement.

So if your post has likes, comments or shares, it can get greater priority or visibility.

You don't need to spend lots of money though on promoting posts!

How can you get more engagement on your posts? Here's 3 top free tips:

  1. If your post refers to a company or an individual (say one of your customers), then tag them. They may then engage with the post, and in turn this will help you.
  2. Be regular! Sounds too simple? Well if people get used to seeing your posts they are more likely to engage with you. As they get more comfortable with your work. Also many of the social networks prefer accounts that are consistent. Meaning they then show them in feeds.
  3. Comment and engage on other people's posts. Now you may say how is this going to help you? There's several reasons.

  1. Number one, by you commenting, liking or sharing on another post, your profile will then be "logged" as doing so. Other's can then see you, and they then may go and look at your profile. Like what they see and then engage on your posts. Far fetched - no!! It happens all the time.
  2. Number two reason, most social networks like accounts that engage with others. Putting the 'social' into 'social network'. If you are a regular contributor to a network, through commenting and engaging on others. It will benefit your own posts.

I make no apology for not saying you should post a specific time each day. Because despite there being much conflicting advice online. It really doesn't matter. Consistency is key to development and growth. As it is with all aspects of your life.

Action point

If you're not already doing the above 3 tips on a regular basis - by that I mean at least three times a week. Then start now! Remember social networking for your business is not likely to be an overnight win. You need to be consistent. But your equestrian or pet care business will benefit.

Good luck and please feel free to share this article or join me on social media at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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About The Author
Suzanne Harris is an equestrian and canine entrepreneurial coach and consultant to veterinarians who want to help prevent animals being affected by domestic abuse.

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