Are You Making The Most Of Being On Social Media?

3 Top Tips For You To Have Social Media Success

You have a social media profile for your pet care business, to promote your business. But are you making the most of it? There are many strategies you can use to maximise engagement and reach. And get new and help retain existing customers. It's essential though you have some basics in place.

Otherwise you're missing opportunities. Remember your potential customers are scrolling through lots of information. Make it easy for them. Don't assume they'll do lots of research on whether your business will help them. They probably won't. Here's 3 top tips to help you maximise your social presence.

Tip 1 - A Complete Profile

You're scrolling through social media. You find an interesting account. Or you see a post you'd like to follow up with the company or person who posted it.

But then you see you can't contact them! Because there's no contact details.

An obvious thing to include on your profile? Well unfortunately not. Many people don't.

So the first top tip is to always and I mean always include your profile some contact details.

Your website at a minimum should be listed. But also your email or telephone or WhatsApp.

If you've got your pet care business on social media, there's no reason for you not to have your contact details. Otherwise what is the point?

Tip 2 - Your Name

What's in a name? Well quite a lot, especially on social media. Or in business generally for that matter! Keep your profile name professional. If your social media account is for your pet care business, then your name should be professional. And it should be your business name.

If your preferred account name is taken already, then consider adding a number or an underscore if your allowed. (social network permitting).

But make sure the name is relevant to you and your business. You could use your own name, not your business name.

Be objective, if you were someone who knew nothing about your business. Would you recognise from the name what you were about?

Tip 3 - Description

In your social profile you an add a short biography of you and your business. The amount of text will vary according to the network. But make the most of whatever space you have.

Say what you do in as few words as possible. What I mean is don't waffle or go off point! Keep it all professional. Say where you work - the area.

That way people will know whether you're a business they'd like to know more about. And whether you're relevant to them.

Action Point
Whichever social network you use as an equestrian or pet care entrepreneur. Review your profile. And take note of the three ideas above. And if you're not doing any of them. Then start now!

How to Get Confidence Using Social Media

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About The Author
Suzanne Harris is an equestrian and canine entrepreneurial coach and consultant to veterinarians who want to help prevent animals being affected by domestic abuse.

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