Love The Benefits Of Another Income For Your Petcare Business

Love These Brilliant Tips For Your PetCare Business Growth

Are you interested in new income opportunities? Or are you wanting to concentrate only on your equine or pet care service?

It is possible to find a new way to create another income stream, that works alongside your current work. It doesn't need to be a negative distraction, and open up new possibilities.

So why should you have another income? 4 great reasons are:

  1. You can offer your customers a wider range of services or products
  2. You may get new customers
  3. If one part of your business income drops, another income will help minimise the impact of this for you
  4. It can help develop your skills and confidence, which can help your other work and away from work.

There will be many things to think about. First of all, what sort of income stream could you choose? Here's 3 ideas to consider:

  1. Should you have a service or selling products that complement your existing business? Doing this will mean your customers may be immediately interested.
  2. Or you could choose something related but different. For instance, if you work with dogs as a massage therapist. Could you train in another canine care skill, or other therapy?
  3. Deciding to do something unrelated could be different for you. And give you a new challenge. But this may be too distracting. It depends on if you think it's practical.

But will it cost you a lot of money to set up another income stream?

It may seem counter-intuitive. Spending money to make money! For example, you may find it surprising the variance in costs of becoming a retailer. You can find you have to buy a certain wholesale amount from some companies.

So do your research. Even if you're interested in retailing dog treats for instance. There are many different companies - including organic and natural suppliers. So choose the deal that's going to work best for you. Get a few pricing/deal options and consider what will work.

Could Direct Selling Be What You're Looking For Alongside Your Pet Care Business?

Direct selling is another option. My best advice is to choose to do this with a company who's a member of the Direct Selling Association. This means they use best practice and have a code of professional conduct. There is a wide range of products and services marketed via Direct Selling. These can be either person-to-person, via party-plan or online. It offers a flexible opportunity.

But choose a company that you're interested in. And who offers lots of training and support. I should say that as i've been part of a direct selling company for over 15 years, I can recommend! This is Forever Living Products and I adore their aloe vera products, which I can use as can my animals. And I love sharing them and the opportunity with people. Their training and support is amazing too. Email me for info at info @

Learn A New Skill

If you want to train in another skill or therapy. Then there will be a cost attached to it. Course fees can vary, but with a professional course. Then it can be money well spent. Find information on training in complementary therapies at my advice pages here.

So to recap. Are you thinking of how to make more money. Or expand your services to help your customers even more? There are several options. And they can work alongside your existing business, and open up exciting opportunities.

How to Get Confidence Running Your Equine or Petcare Business

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Regards, Suzanne
Director at Taranet

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