How To Keep Your Customers Connected With Great Newsletters

Content Creation For Your Business Newsletters

You may know that I love newsletters. They're a great way for you to keep connected with your customers. (Read my
blog post here for some ideas on why they're such a great idea!).

A question often raised by clients is though, what to talk about? How on earth to come up with ideas for newsletters?

In this post, find 5 great content ideas for your newsletters for your equine or canine business

  1. Why is your work with horses and dogs useful? Let your subscribers, know different reasons why you can help their horses or dogs. Don't try and give all reasons at once though! A newsletter doesn't need to be long. Give a different reason over a series of editions. Focus on the why and the how. Include case studies if you can.
  2. Case studies of your work with horses or dogs. This can be over a series of newsletters, looking at different breeds or types of horses or dogs. And different ailments. The possibilities are endless. Include photo's and video's if you can.
  3. Product recommendations. You may even sell some products alongside your business. But there are probably products you do use. For instance if you're a canine hydrotherapist you may use special towels to help dry your dogs. Give your subscribers recommendations. And let them know how they can buy.
  4. General health tips. Give your subscribers advice on healthcare tips for horses or dogs. This could be seasonal. Or a specific ailment. Or even grooming.
  5. Any CPD you've completed. Provide reassurance that you do complete CPD. Don't be shy about telling people about a course you've attended. Your qualifications are hard earned. But be sure to share why they will make a difference to your business. And importantly how they'll help your equine or canine customers.

A general point is be consistent. Send a newsletter regularly. Whether that's every week, or every month. Be consistent.

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How to Get Confidence Running Your Equine or Canine Business

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About The Author
Suzanne Harris is an equestrian and canine entrepreneurial coach and consultant to veterinarians who want to help prevent animals being affected by domestic abuse.

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