What Your Mailing List Want To Know

What sort of emails should you send to your mailing list subscribers?

A great thing to remember is that if people have subscribed to your mailing list then they do want to hear from you! Yes it does sound obvious, but many business owners forget this. Many of us get lots of emails, and can feel overwhelmed by it all. So we don’t want to bombard our subscribers. But there’s a balance, but be consistent. If people start expecting a weekly or monthly email then try sticking to it.

So what to send?
Number one. Unless you have segmented lists, then you need to write emails that meet the needs of everyone who’s signed up. But if you have segmented lists, then send emails bespoke to each.

Second. Don’t worry about sending a variety of information. Here’s 6 brilliant ideas:

  1. Dates. Are there any relevant ‘days’ that you can link to your business? For instance, if your business helps cats, did you know International Cat Day is 8th August? Or celebrate the anniversary of when you started your business.
  2. Special offers. Do tell people if you have any offers!
  3. Top tips. Share your advice and tips.
  4. News. What’s your latest news? Do you have any new services? Have you completed any training? Give people an insight into running your business.
  5. Invitation. Are you holding any events that you can invite people to?
  6. Seasonal news or tips. Depending on what’s happening in your business. Or what can affect your customers, then share your tips or news to help people. (For example. If your business helps horses and pets. Then they can get scared by fireworks at celebrations at certain times of the year, what do you suggest to help)?

Action For You

Review the emails you’ve sent recently. What have you been sharing? Now what can you share in future. Plan what you’re going to talk about and when. And get writing and scheduling.

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About The Author
Suzanne Harris is an equestrian and canine entrepreneurial coach and consultant to veterinarians who want to help prevent animals being affected by domestic abuse.