How To Build Connections On Social Media

What do you do on social media? Do you concentrate on posting AND connecting with others? Or do you prefer posting and 'hoping' for a response?

The "posting and hoping" approach is quite common! It enables you to get your posts done, sharing content and if someone sees it and likes it, so much the better.

But it's not targeted. And if you get some customers, it may well be more luck than anything else. Of course there are exceptions to this, like if you're a large international brand.

To get the best benefits out of social media, connecting with others is vital. There's two main ways you can connect.

  1. By commenting on other people's posts.
  2. By expanding your network, by following or linking with others.

So how do you connect on social media?

First of all, don't treat every new connection/ follow as a sales opportunity. I don't like going into a shop and having a shop assistant start trying to sell me something straightaway. Do you?

Also if you go into a shop and every (potential) customer has the same sales pitch said to them. It doesn't make you feel like an individual does it? You're one of the numbers only.

Instead it's better to have a customised approach. What do I mean? First off, if you know a connections name. Then in your private/direct message or post comment, use their name if you can. You're then talking to the person as an individual. This is especially important when you're inviting someone to connect with you. Such as on a network like Linkedin.

Do some research. Nothing complicated. But check their profile and/or website. If it's clear they work with dogs. Say something like you share in interest in dog health. Including it shows you're taking an interest.

Why bother personalising comments and connection invitations? It shows you're not a robot! And helps in the first stage of building trust.

Your comments and connections may not immediately lead to a sale. But in time they might. Remember most people don't like a sales pitch at any time, let alone from someone they don't know. And importantly someone they don't trust. It takes time to build this.

Your Action Point
  • Commit to connecting with new people on your social media every day. Even five a day is a great start!
  • Personalise your messages.
  • Comment on a few posts every day from people in your groups, newsfeed. Ensure your comments are helpful and useful. Not a sales pitch for your service!

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About The Author
Suzanne Harris is an equestrian and canine entrepreneurial coach and consultant to veterinarians who want to help prevent animals being affected by domestic abuse.

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