How To Grow Your Community As A Pet Care Entrepreneur

Shrewd Advice To Help Support Your Community

Feeling that you're making a difference is an amazing thing. It helps inspire me and creates momentum for doing more. Do you know what I mean?

As you're working in the pet and equestrian sector. Knowing you're helping animals is awesome! Loving and helping animals to be well cared for is rewarding.

But what else can you do? Can you do anything to help your local community as well?

Here's 3 tips on what you can do to make a difference!

  1. Using premises - do you have a building for your business? If you do. Can you hire out any of your room even for an hour or two a week, to a local group or business? If you've a dog care business. Could someone else who offers a complimentary business to yours benefit? This could be a win-win, to help generate business for both of you.
  2. Team up with another local business, to have special promotions. Of course these should benefit both of you. But having some kind of referral offer, can generate interest and leads. If one (or both) of you have products, you could have selection for sale in the other, and agree a retail profit.
  3. What local charities are there? If there's a charity who's close to your heart. Then give a % of your sales to them. Even if it's a small amount, in can make a huge difference. And of course, tell your customers. They may want to support you and become a regular customer. If they know you're helping a charity.

Why Should You Do This?

All of these ideas will help you and help others. A great way to develop a positive mindset is to ask, how can you help someone else today? And do something to achieve this!

It will also help you can gain self confidence. As it will help your own self-worth.

What Else Should You Consider?

For some situations, a contract is a must. Even if it's a 'memorandum of understanding'. A short contractual document at the very least, can ensure both you and the other party agree on the terms of the arrangement.

It doesn't need to be complicated. You can find many simple agreement templates online that will do. So don't need to involve lawyers. But of course. In some situations too, a solicitor may be a good idea too. If you're a member of a professional association. You may have a legal helpline or even templates you can access. So check your membership!

Action Point
Review what you're currently doing to help your community. Remember small action can have a big impact. So even if you don't feel you can do much. It could make a huge difference. So please review the above ideas, and put one or all into action!

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About the Author
Suzanne Harris is an equestrian and canine entrepreneurial coach and consultant to veterinarians who want to help prevent animals being affected by domestic abuse.

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