How To Build Your Animal Care Business - 6 Tips

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As an animal care professional, you want to build your customer base. It can be overwhelming knowing where to start. So find below some top tips to help give you some focus developing your animal therapy business.

Top Tips to Help You Build Your Animal Therapy or Animal Care Business

1 Are You a Member of a Professional Association?

If you've not already, do join a professional association relating to your specialist area of work. As well as offering you a wealth of different membership benefits, being a member of a well-known association will help give confidence to both Veterinary Surgeon's and potential customers of the quality of your skills.

2 Location, Location, Location - How Well Known Are You In Yours?

Decide on the geographical area where you want to focus your business, and make contact with all Veterinary practices within that area. So that they know who you are and the services that you maybe able to offer their animal customers.

Also see if you can promote your service in local animal feed or country stores or saddleries, etc.

3 Are You Networking?

Make contact with relevant local animal businesses and groups - e.g. kennels, livery yards, saddlers, farriers, riding clubs, dog clubs, etc. Develop a good working relationship with them - could you work in partnership with them too, perhaps offering some customer incentives mutually beneficial to you both?

4 It's All About the Price!

Be clear on your pricing policy! But don't offer too many discounts - if you don't value yourself (& your business) then why will anyone else?! It's a balancing act, but make sure you consider offering discounts for group bookings (eg more than 2 animals at one site) or a "loyalty card" (e.g. after 10 treatments, your customer gets something useful for free for example another treatment session).

5 What's Your Website Telling People?

Take an objective look at your website, as if you have never seen it before. Is it a clear and informative website? Does it provide clear details of how to contact you, what areas you cover, what animals you work with? If you have them, add case studies/testimonials from your customers!

Check out my website tips here for more info

6 Hold Client Evenings

Whether you're a veterinary surgeon or an animal physiotherapist or another animal care professional, consider hosting a client evening on a regular basis. Either do a talk yourself on a seasonal topic, or get some of your fellow professionals in - e.g. another veterinary surgeon or nutritionist, or animal care professional to inform your clients (and potential new ones!) and give them a chance to ask questions and feel valued!

7 Plan Your Business Goals

watch this short slideshow for some tips!

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