Social Media Consultancy for Animal Care/Veterinary Professionals

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Whether you're finding it difficult to have the time to manage your social media channels, or you're a bit confused by the terminology - or some of the what maybe conflicting "expert advice", here at Tara Business Development, I offer a bespoke consultancy service to help you. This can include training to help you be clearer about how social media can work for your business, or even management of your social media.

Why social media for your business?

A mix of marketing activities has always been important in promoting your business, but social media should now be considered vital as a key marketing tool in promoting your business. But the different social media networks can be confusing and seem time-consuming for many.

Whether you are an equine massage therapist, veterinary physiotherapist, canine hydrotherapist or Veterinary Surgeon (or your business is animal-orientated in any way), here at Taranet I can help you maximise the benefits of social media for your animal healthcare business!

Building up a presence on social media takes time, as can you maintaining it. This is where I can help you! Take a look at the video below for some inspiration.

Social Media Training/Coaching from Tara Business Development

  • Bespoke training to help you develop a social media strategy for your animal care business, whether you're interested in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ or LinkedIn or all of them. Learn how to build a community around your business, so potential customers know who you are - using social media.
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  • Or visit my new Animal Star Social Media Coaching Academy

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Social Media Management - What Tara Business Development Can Offer YOU

  • Have regularly updated social media accounts
  • Help increase your network reach
  • This can be done with content taken from your website, or with what you provide, or a combination of both.
  • For information on pricing and to book, please email

Discounts are available for registered charities working with animals - so please ask for details.

Other Internet Marketing Promotional Opportunities For You

We can also help you promote your website with online advertising - including Google Adwords or Facebook - helping you to get the most out of these fantastic promotional tools, without spending lots and lots!

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