Introducing Taranet - Holistic Care for Animals Consultancy

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Inspiration Behind Taranet

Hopefully if you've found your way to this website, you love animals - well that's great, as so do I - so welcome!

I'm Suzanne and the inspiration behind Taranet is my horse, Tara! Tara's a beautiful chestnut TB/WB mare who's received many complementary therapies (from physiotherapy, homeopathy to herbal remedies and more!) to help her recover from various ailments and injuries over the years. But it's not always been easy to find clear information on what therapies or products there are to help Tara (or other animals).

So this website has been designed and developed by me, Tara's devoted human to provide a vast resource of complementary therapy and holistic care for animals information, all in the one place for you! With over 30 years experience of caring for animals, I aim to make it easier for you to help your animal(s) to be healthier and happier, naturally and without solely relying on "conventional" medicines.

Also if you have your own complementary therapies for animals or other animal care business that recognises the benefits of a holistic approach (for example you maybe a veterinary practice who uses acupuncture), and would like help to develop your niche and build your business confidence - then as a professionally qualified manager, I maybe able to help you! Here's a link to a short introductory clip or listen to my podcast episode below.

If you'd like help to build your business to success, don't miss my Animal Star Social Media and Business Coaching Academy here.

For help on caring for your animals naturally, and to get your animal care business on track to success too, take a look at our range of services below!

Get in contact by emailing info @ taranet .co. uk if you’ve any questions, I'm happy to help!

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